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Menu Plan Monday

Posted on: March 24, 2008

So, I’ve decided that I can now start blogging again. I took some time away from here to clear my thoughts, center my wishes with God’s will, and seek direction and guidance. Please bear with me as I attempt to get back into the swing of things! I’ll be giving the site a bit of a face lift and switching somethings around. But I must say: It’s good to be back!

Menu Plan Monday

Over on Organizing Junkie its Menu Plan Monday, so here’s what our little family of four will be dining on this week. This week is a modified menu as we’ve got Ashlee’s wedding this weekend and the long drivve leading up to it.

Monday: Italian Pasta Bake Pasta Bake and Garlic Biscuits-We’re going to try something new this week, since KG is so picky about “green things” she is going to help me make semi-homemade pasta sauce. We’re going to be making individual servings by filling egg shaped backing cups with pasta and baking them.

Tuesday: Spicy Chicken Breast, KG’s without the spices, dressing, green beans, and homemade chocolate chip cookies! Yum! KG will, of course, help me make the cookies today. KG is my big kitchen helper. She loves to be in the kitchen and I find its a joy having her there. It’s also a great way to teach her simple math!

Wednesday: Eating @ Mommaw’s. Every Wednesday and Sunday we eat at my grandmother’s house after church.

Thursday: Broiled Seasoned Steak, hash browns, vegetable of choice (everyone in my family eats something different), and cookies. Today, KG and I will make banana bread, trail mix, more cookies, and pb sandwiches to take along on the trip.

Friday: We’re going to be making the 10 hour drive to North Carolina today for Ashlee’s wedding! We’re bringing peanut butter sandwiches, soups, fresh fruit (oranges, grapes, apples), homemade trail mix, and other goodies to eat while we’re away. Tonight is the bachelorette party so J and the girls will be eating Hormel meals and sandwiches tonight, while the ladies and I go out to a Coastal Grill for dinner.

Saturday: Bridal Shower and Rehearsal. We’ll be having the continental breakfast our hotel offers not only for breakfast but also for our snacks for the rest of today. Tonight we’ll be eating at Chili’s for the Rehearsal dinner.

Sunday: WEDDING DAY! Again we’ll hit up the breakfast offered by our hotel for breakfast and to stock up on the day’s snacks. Tonight, we’ll dine at Villa Roma for the reception dinner.

I know this isn’t the most consummate menu for the week, but this is it for us! With such a busy week ahead its nice to have a plan to keep me moving!

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