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Our Weekly Project

Posted on: March 24, 2008

About once a week KG and I like to sit down and work on some kind of project. As last week was Easter week, I thought we could work on a Thankfulness Project. Over on Mom Unplugged the theme for her weekly Unplugged Project was “Eggs”, but as KG and I had already started cutting out the pictures she would use for this project, we decided to finish this one. KG and I cut out different pictures from magazines of things she and other children might be thankful for. I was amazed at some of the things she picked out. A mom taking her child’s temperature (which she translated as moms who take care of sick kids); tomatoes (she won’t eat these); and lots of pictures of homes (we’re in the market). I think it reflects how she is understanding that while she may not like some things, she should still be thankful to God for them.

After she got done gluing the pictures to the poster board, which I cut into many sizes so we could do a few more projects with it, she colored pictures and even wrote a song on the board. The song goes something like this (it’s in musical notes) : “God blesses me everyday, Thank You God!” Sang to the tune of the first line of “God Bless America”. How cute! I love it~Unplugged Project-Thankfulness

Next week’s project is “Rocks” and I can only hope we can come up with something BEFORE we leave for Ashlee’s wedding!


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[…] I cut out all the pictures that strike a chord with us and save them for later projects (like her thankfulness board). After we’re done cutting out pictures we talk about why we chose each picture. It’s a […]

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