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Works for Me Wednesday~Repurposing “Trash” into Crafts

Posted on: March 25, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

Around our house, if it can be reused or repurposed it will be. I’ve decided to write my inaugural Works For Me Wednesday blog about a few of the ways we repurpose what might otherwise be trash into a useful or just plain fun craft.

~ Tomorrow in Mission Friends, we will be making bird feeders out of scraps of yarn, empty toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and bird seed. I promise to post pictures of the finished products when we get home tomorrow night. This should be a blast! KG and about eight other fantastic 3, 4, and 5 year olds are going to have the best time making these. I’m really looking forward to doing it! We’ve been saving toilet paper rolls for a while now, it’ll be SO nice to get them out of the house!

~Recently, we cleaned a couple empty coffee creamer containers, filled them with varying amounts of rice and taped the lids shut. These made wonderful maracas in our after nap band! So much fun! The green maraca is pictured…I’m not sure where the pink one is.

Repurosed Crafts

~Frequently, we cut up used card board boxes (from online bargain shopping) and use them as the backboards of projects through out the year; they also make great gates and barns for Little People. We use the underside of wrapping paper to color pictures to hang on the wall or fold in half and give to Poppaw as a card.

~Before we throw out old magazines, KG and I cut out all the pictures that strike a chord with us and save them for later projects (like her thankfulness board). After we’re done cutting out pictures we talk about why we chose each picture. It’s a great opportunity to talk about a wide range subjects.

~ The girls and I made piggy banks to use for KG’s toy money, the Children’s Church offering, and The Florida Fund not too long ago. We made the piggy banks out of empty coffee ground containers decorated with wrapping paper pictures. KG has her own Lamb Bank for savings, but she wanted a toy bank too so we decided to make one. When we got done we thought of a couple more things that we needed to save for: Children’s church (we encourage her to give a portion of her money here) and Florida (We promised her that we would take the trip when she was seven).

Of course these are just a few ideas…I’m sure you can all come up with tons more! I would love to hear how you repurpose “Trash” into Crafts.

For more great Works For Me Wednesday ideas, please see Rocks In My Dryer for a complete list.


6 Responses to "Works for Me Wednesday~Repurposing “Trash” into Crafts"

These are all great ideas! Reusing things is fun simply because it encourages such creativity!

We do this too…great tip!


Great Ideas! I love re-purposing items. The kids really love it too. Actually, they seem to like the things they make better than store bought stuff. I guess that’s the way it should be.

Thanks for a great WFMW!

I used to love to do trash-to-treasure projects with my kids!

You know one we did when I was little (a million years ago)? We made piggy banks out of Clorox containers! If you hold one on it’s side, it sort of looks like a piggy. We used felt for the ears and eyes. I guess we had corks for the legs and a pipe cleaner for the tail.

I reuse Christmas cards(or birthday cards)…taking the pictures to use for craft projects.

I have also used old pill bottles filled with dry beans for maracas. πŸ™‚

Thanks for all the different ideas!! My hubby will just love(NOT!) the fact that I will be collecting more things to use for school art projects. πŸ™‚

Great ideas, thanks for sharing!

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