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Unplug Your Kids TV-Turnoff Week Blog Challenge!

Posted on: April 4, 2008

TV turn Off Challenge

TV turnoff week is April 21-27 this year, so that means it’s time for the second annual Unplug Your Kids TV-Turnoff Week Blog Challenge! Since this is my first year, I don’t have any way to look back and analyze what worked for us last year and what didn’t…so I’m kind of flying by the seat of my pants, though Mom Unplugged has some great suggestions on her blog! This week is all about reducing the amount of “screen time” you family gets. For me this isn’t just television…it’s my computer time. My girls and I don’t watch much television really…at least not compared to what we used to. Now they just watch Seaseme Street in the mornings with the occasional afternoon “Arthur” and “Veggie Tales” on Friday. I would really like to put down here some of my goals for this week…though I hope most carry over for the rest of the year.

1: To keep the Television off everyday for the entire day.

2: I want us to spend at least the majority of the time that would have been spent watching television doing something as a family. Reading more books, doing crafts, practicing our writing, and board games are just a couple of ideas for us.

3: To cut my computer time down to 1 hour a day rather than the 4-5 regularly spent on here.

4: Keep all electronic toys turned off and find ways to amuse ourselves without them.

5: To take this week as an opportunity to work on connecting with the girls and Hubby.

6: For Hubby and I to spend the evenings reading the Bible together (again) and finishing Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Workbook.

I am really looking forward to joining in on this challenge because I have been slowly decreasing our “screen time” and increasing our “face time”…now this is the perfect chance to cut it out all together. I am hoping that the challenge will keep me accountable, thus motivating me to not give up…even when I run out of ideas!

Tun over to Unplug Your Kids and sign up your family/blog for the 2nd Annual TV Turnoff Week Blog Challenge!!


1 Response to "Unplug Your Kids TV-Turnoff Week Blog Challenge!"

Hooray! Great goals! The computer is my tough one (at least it was last year). Good luck and thanks so much for joining in!

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