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Tuesday Tip~Scheduling

Posted on: April 8, 2008

I don’t know about you, but here in our home time is a very precious commodity. Hubby is only home 2 hours with the girls everyday and in that time I have to get him ready and get anything that I need done but can’t do when the girls are awake. In light of all of this, scheduling has become ever more important. I am not going to pretend that we stay on any kind of set schedule or that we are even able to always keep our loose one. But MOST days we are able to stay inline with our basic schedule. Here is a glimpse of what an average day would look like in our house.

6:45-Mommy gets up, makes a cup of tea and does some internet work. Work=blog reading, signing up for samples, updating personal blog, surveys, daily Girlfriends devotional, and any mystery shopping work that needs to be done.

8:30-Start waking hubby up. Usually the girls get up at this point and watch “Handy Manny” in Kat’s crib until 9am.

9:30-Breakfast for girls. Hubby is usally trying to finish getting ready.

10am-Daddy leaves for work. Seaseme Street for the girls and laundry for me.

10:30-Reading with the girls. Playtime.

11am-Naptime for Kat. Book, song, prayer, sleep. KG normally uses this time for PlayDoh or markers, since she can’t use them while Kat is up. I use this time for blogging and reading.

12:30-Kat gets up and we get dressed/ready to go for a walk…weather permitting.


3-Naptime. Here is where scheduling really comes in handy. We have a strict routine we keep here. Bible story, song, prayer, sleep. This works great for us. Naptime is set in stone, nothing changes about this time. Ever.

4:30-Girls get up and I get dinner started. Dishes get done now, as I’m doing dinner. Laundry.


8-Bedtime for Kat. Book, song, prayer, sleep…see a pattern?
KG gets the time after Kat is in bed for just Mommy and KG time. We play board games, card games, color, read…just about anything she wants except watch TV.

9: Bedtime for KG. Book, song, prayer, sleep. Daddy should be getting home about this time to give KG kisses and say goodnight.

11-Bedtime for Mommy. Hubby normally stays up until 1am or later.

Now this isn’t an all inclusive schedule..but it allows my girls to have a good idea of what is going to happen during the day. The gaps you may have noticed in the time are usually filled with chores, such as cleaning the bedrooms, bathroom and the ever messy kitchen. I swear it doesn’t seem to matter how often I clean it always needs it.

I would love to hear about how YOU schedule your day or how you manage time more efficiently…please share you ideas and for more tips check out Tipster Tuesday on BeCentsable’s blog.


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