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TV Turn Off Challenge~Review

Posted on: April 28, 2008

So…we went the “whole week” without television. Kinda. Truth is, I allowed them to watch Sesame Street nearly everyday. At least the end of it, you see my girls adore Elmo, and in the mornings after breakfast and bible reading time they watch him. During this time I help my husband get ready for work…motivating him, making his lunch, getting him out the door. I have a hard time being able to do this efficiently with two kids under toe, so I use Elmo.

I will say though that besides Elmo, we didn’t spend much time being hooked up electronically. In fact, we didn’t even miss it…except KG, who kept asking me when TV turn off week would be over. We spent a TON of time out side, taking two walks a day and going to the play ground daily. We also spent a lot of time reading and doing crafts…we had a ball! We’ve (hubby and I) that we will be keeping the TV turned off as much as possible from now on. We will still be endorsing Elmo though. 🙂 That little red furry guy can be a life saver! Over the weekend, we spent time outside and doing family oriented things! It was great to see the girls really get to spend some quality time with their daddy. They see him so rarely during the week, that this was a real treat for them.

As for me and staying off the computer, it was easier than I had expected! I really didn’t miss it at all! I did get online a couple of times during the week for just a couple of minutes to see if there were any deals I needed to take advantage of right away…they were a couple. I also used to the computer to figure our bills and such last week…but I spent FAR less time than usual on this!

All in all, I say it was a GREAT success for us! We had a great time and learned a little more about each other over this last week…we will definitely be keeping this up!

For more information about TV Turn Off Week and to see how others did check out Mom Unplugged at Unplug Your Kids.


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Great! I am so happy that you found some good things this week to incorporate into your lives. Thank you so much for giving this a try…and for reporting back on your success!

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