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Posted on: July 3, 2008

Today we went into the realtor’s office to sign the updated offer contract so it can be sent to our mortage company.  While we were there one of the “head” realtors advised us that the underwriters at our mortage company may have a problem with a furniture allowance and may want to see that money go into paying the closing instead.  This will cause a HUGE problem for us!  We simply cannot afford to pay for the new appliances ourselves without any monitary assistance.  However, I am just not going to worry about it….God will take care of it and our family.

I took my grandmother for the grand tour of the house today…and she was really pleased with us.  This was important, you see, because if Mommaw ain’t happy…Ain’t nobody happy.  The yard needs A LOT of work, but it’s nothing a couple of young, able bodied people can’t take care of.  We are actually looking forward to getting out there and working on our OWN yard, so this will be a welcome change.  I also saw today that there is an apple tree in the back yard and this makes me even happier since we eat lots of apples in this family.

That’s about all we’ve gotten accomplished today, tomorrow Hubby will start an inspection of the house and the ball can really get rolling.

Stay Tuned…


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