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~Summer Heat~

Posted on: July 8, 2008

I love summer time…the cookouts, the pool parties, the softball games, and of course…the heat!  Seriously.  I love the summer heat.  I complain all winter about our Kentucky winters, which by the way I realize are not any where near the frigid winters of the North, and cling to the fact that at some point the snow will indeed melt and summer heat will come again.  Now with that said, I do not like it when by 8am it’s already 85 outside and I need to be able to take the kids outside to play.  KG hates the heat…she would much rather it be cold and her need a coat.  This morning I decided we had better take our morning walk earlier than usual since it was so hot and yet still, we only manage to make it to the end our road before KG was balking about the heat and wanting to go home.  KJ would MUCH rather be outside in her stroller cruising down the road than stuck in our tiny apartment with no where to go.  I like to be outside walking…it gives me a chance to teach the girls a bit about nature and God, the Creator.  It also makes for a much simpler naptime…=)

I look forward to being able to just step out back and enjoy our swing set, sand box, and the landscaping that so desperately needs to done at the house.  I’ve never been one for working in the ground or being interested in planting flowers, but I find I am looking forward to literally getting my hands dirty.

What about you?  How are you handling the heat this summer?  What are you doing to enjoy nature?


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