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My Darling Hubby-blogs and guest posting

Posted on: July 10, 2008

My wonderful and ever intelligent Hubby has started his very own blog!  *applause*  We’ve only been discussing this option for 6+ months now…but I am so proud of him!  Bear in mind he has only posted once, at 2am this morning, to make sure it works…but anything he does is well thought out and well put together.  As many of you know already, Hubby is a computer technician by trade and is an ever expanding wealth of knowledge concerning all things computer related.  Hubby is planning on covering many different computer problems and their solutions in the coming weeks/months.  I have also asked that he do a guest blog for me on Fridays, tentatively called “Fix It Friday”.  If you have any computer related questions, please leave them as a comment or send me an email and he will be answering these on Friday mornings.  In the meantime, Please check out his new blog, Fix This Computer! Feel free to leave him constructive comments with ideas of what you would like to see covered.  A link to his blog will aways be accessable through my blogroll.

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Happy bithday 🙂

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