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~WFMW:Get Paid For Shopping Online~

Posted on: July 15, 2008

I know we all love reward sites that “pay” us for shoopping through their site. UPromise rewards yours or your children’s college funds when you make qualifying purchases or shop online.  Ebates has a great bonus going on right now where you get a $10 gift card or $5 cash for signing up and making your first puchase.  Big Crumbs offers one of the best referral programs available, not to mention one of the highest/quickest payouts (you get a check every month rather than every quarter).  But BondRewards has got to be a new one on me.  This program pays you in SAVINGS BONDS!  What a great inovation.  I love this idea!  Right now they are offering “double rewards” on purchases made at several big named stores, Overstock and OfficeDepot just to name a couple.  BondRewards helps families of all income levels enhance their savings and reach their Personal Savings goals.  They pay out when your account reaches the 100 BondRewards, the payout is a $100 savings bond or $50 cash.  I plan to use this when buying the girl’s clothes, KG’s school supplies, and anything else child related through them and saving up for both of them.  We do this at home with piggy banks and loose change.  It will be so nice to have to opportunity to futher contribute to my girl’s future with my online purchases.  Do you have any sites you especially love for their rewards??  and Be sure to check out Works For Me Wednesday over there Rocks In My Dryer and let her know how much you love reading all these great ideas!


4 Responses to "~WFMW:Get Paid For Shopping Online~"

I knew about ebates and upromise, so I am looking forward to trying the others.

I love your blog too!

I’ve been doing uPromise for years and have built up quite a bit of money!

Agree…! Online shopping is best and very beneficial for everyone.

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