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Tipster Tuesday~BlogRovR

Posted on: December 23, 2008

For those blog followers who use FireFox as their primary browser there is a new Add-on that might interest you.  BlogRovR is unlike anything I’ve ever used.  It’s not a blog reader per se, it’s more of a resource to use in conjunction with your current blog reader.  You tell BlogRovR which blogs you like from their set up page, then as you browse BlogRovR pops up stories from your selected blogs that link to whatever you’re reading about. BlogRovR will also show you suggested stories from your selected blogs that might intested you. This great add-on really makes browsing more intelligent…I have all of my favorite blogs added-a few frugal blogs, a few political, and a few parenting.  Now when I’m browsing and I’m reading a story about Dick Cheney trompling all over our Constitutional Rights a related blog story pops up on my handy BlogRovR and lets me know about a story my favorite political blogger has written.

If you are interested in BlogRovR too, just go to and download the add-on, you’ll be glad you did!


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