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BlogHer ’09 Here I come (I hope)

Posted on: December 31, 2008

A most gracious Queen of Spain has posted a most fabulous opportunity to one lucky blogger: The opportunity to attend BlogHer ’09 for free.  I am entering in this contest because it has been my dream since learning of BlogHer to attend, but I know we are simply unable to afford to send me. Not that my wonderful husbandd wouldn’t do everything in his power to send me, including put us into debt…don’t worry I wouldn’t allow that.

This past year saw my family buy a house, my husband lose the position previously “promised” to him, and both of my grandmothers diagnosed with advanced cancer. It also saw me spend my first year in the blogging world though.  Since beginning to read great blogs like Rocks in My Dryer and Freebies 4 Mom, I have dreamed of attending BlogHer. I dream of being able to connect with women who inspire, motivate, and push women like me…but I also dream of being one of these women.  I am one of a long line of strong, independent women in my family and long to inspire women with the experiences of my life and the lives of other strong women.  I intend to use my blog to inspire women (and men) to go out and make a real difference and positive impact in their own communities (as well as others) for the glory of the Lord.  It is our responsibility to lead our communities and to teach our children to do the same.  In attending BlogHer I would hope to glean all the inspiration, information, and advice as possible from the many beautiful (inside and out), intelligent, and successful women that will be attending.  I hope that this year I will be able to turn MomsofFaith into a small moneymaking blog, while I don’t expect to make a lot I would love to contribute more than just my frugality sense in my family.  I would also like to inspire my church family and immediate family that their dreams can come true, even when they seem far out and far away.

Having only enough money to pay our bills each month (and just barely at that), I could not imagine asking my darling, hardworking husband to charge the registration bill.  We are saving to be able to afford a new HVAC system and new windows for our house.  Since moving in, we have discovered MANY shortcomings in our wonderful 40 year old house.  There are many things that need to be repaired and I cannot imagine taking money from our savings to send me on a trip, even if it would help us in the long run and help me achieve a dream.  Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of being REALLY good at what I do for the rest of my life…and love it.  I LOVE to blog and I’m pretty good at it.  I have so much to learn and would love to learn it from the best.  Blogging is where I “go” when I need some time away from the “real” world and just be me.  I am thankful for the opportunitys blogging affords me, the friendships it awards me, and the therapy it is to me.  I pray that if I don’t win this wonderful opportunity that someone more deserving will and will truly appreciate the blessing that this opportunity is.

Peace be with you all this New Year…


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