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2009 Goals for our Family

Posted on: January 1, 2009


As many of my favorite bloggers have been doing, I have decided to put into writing our family’s goals for 2009.  We are very excited about getting started this year, as last year we were able to meet so many of our goals.  Not as many as we would have liked but it was a start.  We were able to buy a house (only by the grace of our Almighty God) and paid off our car, but we were unable to pay off as much on our school loans and credit cards as we would have liked. A couple of our major goals for this year is to reduce our consumer debt/spending, as well as save $2000 ( doesn’t sound like a lot I know).  Wonderful Hubby wants to get a couple more certifications in the computer field and I would like to generate at least a part time income from home.

One of my biggest personal goals for the new year is to stop yelling.  This one is kind of a embarrassing one for me to publish.  I HATE that I yell, in fact my children may listen less BECAUSE I yell.  KG is so sensitive and the yelling really seems to wound her.  So this is a big one.  I would also like to lose the last 10 pounds of post baby weight (everyone has this goal I think).  I want to keep my house a smidgen cleaner than I do currently…I hate doing dishes and laundry.  I want to keep blogging, but do it daily and expand my horizons. I also want to make some new bloggy friends.  I want to continue to teach KG outside of her public school and expand her horizons more this year by introducing her to fine art and theater, as well as her father teaching her more about computers and electronics. I want to spend at least 10 minutes twice a day in the Word and grow my relationship with my Savior.  This is  another BIG goal for 2009.  My last big personal goal for this year is to expand my missions.  I want to help people all over the world, but I want/have to start right here in the state of Kentucky.  This will take a major “God” movement, as my church is not currently a missions focused church.  I currently teach 2-5 year olds about Missions, but I haven’t personally been on any mission trips…I desperately want to change this.

Financial Goals:

  • Save $2000 in high-interest savings account
  • Pay off credit cards
  • Pay an extra month’s mortgage this year.
  • Control consumer spending, by cutting grocery bill from $200 a month to $100.
  • Reduce school loans by half (they are currently at $10,000)
  • Generate income online
  • Tithe 10%
  • Continue giving outside of Tithing

What are you goals for the New Year?  Feel free to link to your post in your comments.

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3 Responses to "2009 Goals for our Family"

Hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by my place! These are great goals and I can empathize with the yelling too. I know I do it too much and I really need to work on it.

Best of luck in 2009!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Stop yelling is a wonderful addition to my post about positive redirection on Ask Brandy Ellen. I invite you to read my other blog (linked to my name) where I post about my goals and other various items in regards to my life as a WAHM. If you are interested in in an extra income I would love to share Gold Canyon with you, as that is where I generate most of my part time income. If you are already working from home let me know if I can help in anyway with your current home business. Looking forward to knowing you more & reading this blog!

What wonderful goals. My husband is a bankruptcy attorney and let me tell you there are many, many people who are not as responsible as you regarding finances. Good for you. You’re teaching your children very good financial habits.

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