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Modern Mom Challenge~Week 1

Posted on: January 4, 2009

I have joined The Modern Mom Challenge with several other fabulous women who have a little extra junk they would like to be rid of.  I will be posting here weekly the results from the past week, as well as any problems, comments, and triumphs I may encounter. I am going to be attempting to workout AT LEAST twice a week again and eating healthy everyday.  I will also be posting a blog there occasionally to let my non-readers know what’s going on.  I plan to be supportive of my other ladies and do what I can to make this a GREAT Challenge.  I am ALSO participating in SuperMom’s Health and Wellness Email Class. So follow along with me as I complete assignments and try to maintain accountability.  If you, like me, have a few extra pounds to lose or just want to get healthy I encourage you to join with me.

Can I just say I HATE to workout. I mean HATE. I love all those foods that are terrible for you and sitting at working on the computer for all hours on my many various projects, but i HATE working out. I also HATE being grammatically correct, which is bad since I now edit a Ezine by day…but I digress. I edit a section of a food Ezine, so I look at food and write about food all day long. Sigh. I love it. Food I mean. I’ve got two crazy active girls and a hubs who works long hours. I volunteer at my eldest’s school twice a week for about two hours (ha.) and I am extremely involved at our church…it’s hard to find time when my ultra clingy two year old will allow me to work-out. I eat fairly healthy, just not often enough and I’m a notorious late night snacker. LOVE snacks. But, I am the daughter of two overweight parents (my dad is in the 300s) and my family has a long line of disease. I am committed to losing these last ten nagging pounds and eating what is good FOR me, not just what tastes good TO me. I am also committed to at least working out twice a week, I mean I have to do something I am TIRED of all this jiggly. UGH. I pray we are all successful and I apologize if I don’t post here enough. Please know I am reading yours and posting my own on my blog. Good Night and Good Luck =)

My goals:

  • To workout at least twice a week.
  • Eat 4/5 small healthy meals with a protien in each one.
  • To stay motivated through the entire process
  • To focus on my health more than my weight
  • BUT to lose 10 pounds

Stay tuned right here every Monday to see how I’m doing…I promise to be hones:)


3 Responses to "Modern Mom Challenge~Week 1"

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Good luck on the MM Challenge! Looking forward to cheering each other along on the journey. I love when you mentioned focusing on health more than weight–cheers!
p.s. I have a Velcro Baby too. 🙂

Good luck and I love your goals. I am in it for accountability too.

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