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Posted on: January 9, 2009

ukreuterscomWith more than 1700 people having already died and more than 35,000 already infected, according to the World Health Organization, in Zimbabwe from Cholera the need for clean drinking water becomes even more apparent. Cholera is a water born disease, caused by water infected with Vibrio cholerae. It causes severe diarrhea and dehydration in those infected. In an epidemic, like the one in Zimbabwe, it is usually spread through inadequate sewer systems and contaminated drinking water. When your entire country has inadequate sewer systems and contaminated drinking water where can you find hope? Where can you find relief? Enter PUREWATER PURELIFE.

PUREWATER PURELIFE is a sub-ministry of EDGE OUTREACH ministries. “The PUREWATER PURELIFE program equips ordinarykurtisandlucia people to make a difference by tackling the greatest problem in the world.” PUREWATER PURELIFE provides training to teach others how to set up water treatment plants and repair hand pumps all over the world. The goal is for those people to then set out and teach the people in the communities THEY reach. They offer this training at their home office in Louisville, KY or will travel to where ever they are needed. The training they offer is free, but the knowledge they impart is priceless to nearly 5,000 children who die each day from diseases related to infected water.

PUREWATER PURLIFE teaches ordinary people; fathers, mothers, teenagers, and senior citizens how to set up, maintain, repair the water treatment units. The units themselves, costing around $4,000 finished, consist of little more than ordinary salt, a 12 volt battery, PVC pipe, and other goods found on location. When put together correctly, these simple items many of us have lying around the house form a purification unit that treats 55 gallons of water a minute. That’s enough to make sure an entire community has clean water all the time. PUREWATER PURELIFE also has a unit they can set up for hospitals, cost is about $6,000, that provides clean water for drinking, bathing, surgeries, cooking, etc. These are set up basically the same way as the smaller ones, using the mini-water filtration plant and adding two jet pumps to sent water through the pipes. The system can run full time to keep up with the hospital’s needs.

Now, to be sure there are a few problems they sometimes encounter when setting these units up.

The most frequent issue they encounter is the person who runs the water system moves and does little training to the people left behind. Sometimes, after a few months of usage the community members forget how bad the water used to be or are otherwise convinced that this unit isn’t needed anymore and go back to drinking the diseased water again. But more often than not, the people of the community and their leaders so need this and are so appreciative of it that they take care of their units and use them daily. They are taught by the water teams who set up the units how to take care of them and how to set them up, so that they can go out and teach others, in neighboring communities, how to set up their own.

PUREWATER PURELIFE also provides training on hand pump repair and community health and hygiene education to further prepare the missionaries for service in third world countries. To learn more about PUREWATER PURELIFE or schedule training, email training(at) or visit .

If you would like to donate to PUREWATER PURELIFE click here. , or mail donations to: EDGE OUTREACH•1500 Arlington Ave.•Louisville, KY•40206. Donations are much needed and greatly appreciated. Your donations go to providing training to missionaries and purchasing the equipment needed for these life saving units.

Some useful articles and press information:

  • Download the PureWater PureLife guide to water ministry:

Lots of great background info, facts and how EDGE does water ministry, how to get training & involved.

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2-page story on EDGE/PureWater PureLifeSunday, January 14, 2008

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Thank you to Bob Browning for all the help and information he provided.

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2 Responses to "Feature Friday~ PURE WATER PURE LIFE"

Wow! What an awesome ministry! I believe that the best way to win people to Jesus is through meeting their physical needs. And fresh clean water is so important in these third world countries. Thanks for sharing about this special ministry!

Dawn @PainterMommy

awesome article
thanks for the great info

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