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Review~CoverGirl’s OutLast Lip Stain

Posted on: January 13, 2009

outlast_lipstain_lipstick_1About a month ago BzzAgent contacted me with the opportunity to try out Cover Girl’s newest product, LipStain and tell others about it.

For those of you who don’t know what BzzAgent is or what they’re about I’ll give you a quick run down. BuzzAgent sends users free samples of new products, who then go out into their communities and talk up the products in hopes of generating positive “word of mouth.”  It’s really great and this is second “campaign” I’ve participated in.  They have some great products and over 50 companies who do their marketing with them. If you are interested in signing up and participating also, hop over to their website and sign up!

Cover Girl’s latest beauty venture is into the world of lipstains.  Usually reserved for department stores lipstains are lighter, -, and stay put longer than traditional lipsticks. Now, let me say that I’m going to be completely honest about my thoughts on this new lipstain. I’m usually skeptical when I hear “stays put for hours”, but as I love new makeup I was willing to give it a shot.

I love the way the Cover Girl’s Outlast Lipstain feels on my lips, it feels like satin and doesn’t dry my lips out.  I have extremely dry lips and lick my lips a lot, so regular lipstick always require reapplication every hour or so.  The lipstain didn’t come off when I ate, drank, or gave my hubby a kiss, but it did come off when I licked my lips.  The lipstain is water-based and contains lip conditioners to soften your lips while you wear. I have “Teasing Blush” and I love the way it looks! It makes my whole face light up! I have gotten so many new compliments from people I see everyday when I wear it!  Here are a couple of before and after shots of me.

dscf0193the-new-me2The marker tip makes application super simple!  You line your lips with the marker tip and then fill in with the sides, which makes it a little harder to fill in your lips.  I had no problem filling in my bottom lip, but I had a rough time getting my top lip filled in. I love that it’s infused with a fabulous raspberry-vanilla scent and flavor that makes you feel like you’re wearing a designer lipstain without the price.  Priced at around $7.29 each and found at Walmart, Kroger, CVS, and Walgreens (just to name a few) makes this lipstain a real find!

I would recommend this lipstain to anyone!  It is well worth the $7.00!  I love it, I’m hooked!

I also have 10 $1.00 off any Cover Girl products. The first ten people to comment with their email address will get them mailed out Wednesday morning.


5 Responses to "Review~CoverGirl’s OutLast Lip Stain"

Hi Amanda,

I caught your query on HARO and came to see your site with the intention of sponsoring a giveaway for you. I couldn’t help but note your review – the lipstain sounds wonderful. I love the idea of a sheer feel on my lips.

I’ll bite (pun intended) 🙂


Hi Amanda,

That’s funny, I too would love to sponsor a giveaway and came to check out your site. That said, I’m a makeup junkie and love the sound of lip color that actually stays on your lip.


Hi, Amanda–I, too, just saw your HARO query and came to check out your site before recommending it to a friend with a product you’ll love to review. And, just like Marilyn, got hooked into the lipstain review. I’m not very ‘into’ makeup, so wish I had something I could put on and forget about–it sounds like this lipstain might be the ticket. Thanks for that review…and all the hard work that obviously goes into this site. I look forward to visiting again.


Hi Amanda,

Thanks for your review. Great shade, your smile is so pretty!


Hi Amanda, I’ve been looking at reviews of this new product by CoverGirl and I’m looking forward to trying it out. I love lipstick, but don’t like anything heavy so this sounds perfect.

Thanks for the review!

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