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Things I Love Thursday

Posted on: January 15, 2009

Today I am writing about a new website I LOVE! Earn Your Future is a site dedicated to easing those college tuition bills and rewarding your child for their good grades. Think of a walk-a-thon fundraiser, where family and friends set a pledge and the student must perform to get the reward.  This is such an awesome program, especially with the economy in the situation that it is.  It allows everyone, regardless of their financial situation, to be involved and the funds raised by the student’s grades can be placed in the students 529 to help save for college.  Just think if you start when your child is in kindergarten, much like my own, think of all the money that could be raised towards your child’s college education.  I love the idea behind this website, it motivates children to work harder and do better knowing they are earning money.  The money doesn’t have to go into a 529 account, in fact they can have direct access to it as soon as it goes through.

With my daughter’s report just coming in, I have now signed up for the next time…it’s never too early to start saving for her future. I’ll sign KJ up just as soon as she starts school.  So go sign up now! Earn Your

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1 Response to "Things I Love Thursday"

That is a super creative idea for a website. I am heading over to check it out.

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