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Green Tips Tuesday~Save Water and Money and GIVEAWAY!

Posted on: January 26, 2009

Recently Niagara Conservation contacted me with an offer to try out their Deluxe Water EcoKit in our home. Needless to say, I was PUMPED! I am always looking for ways to save money and our environment, so I jumped at the chance.  We have a Niagara low flow toilet, so I already knew that anything Niagara made I was going to love.

Saturday morning found me sick as a dog and my hubby working hard to save water and money with the Deluxe Water EcoKit.  If I thought I was excited about the EcoKit, my husband was beside himself with joy. He woke me up with “Do you realize what Niagara sent us?? When can I put it in?” I giggled to myself and “grumpily” told him “Go ahead and let me sleep in.”  deluxe Water Saver EcoKit

I’ll admit though my interest was peaked, I had to know what was in that box. In the adorable house shaped box was
* TOILET WATER SAVER (Fill Cycle Diverter)

My husband immedately filled the Toilet Tank Bank, which looks like a small hot water bag, and put it in our toilet tank. Just by putting this in our toilet we can save up to .8 gallons each flush.  He also installed the Toilet Water Saver in our toilet which takes excess water from the bowl and diverts it into the tank saving up to 1/2 a gallon each flush!! Both of these were super to easy to set up and install and will go a long way to saving us money in the future.  The showerhead and sink aerators were a little more time consuming to install, but my husband would say it’s easy for a “real man”.

Just by making some really easy and cheap adjustments to your household items, you can save money and water.

The wonderful people at Niagara Conservation have offered to give one of my lucky readers a Deluxe Water EcoKit (valued at $60) to use in their home!

The rules for entry are simple:

* Head over to Niagara’s Conservation site, look around, learn something, and come back here and comment on your favorite item and why.

Earn Extra Entries by (remember to comment separately for each one):

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* Blog about this giveaway. More than just a link is required, at least a paragraph.

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Good Luck!!


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73 Responses to "Green Tips Tuesday~Save Water and Money and GIVEAWAY!"

Okay, I really liked all of their eco-kits. It’s one thing to want to be more energy efficient, etc. but there is so much information out there (some contradictory) that it’s nice to have a kit that tells you what you can do, how it will help and gives you the supplies you need. I like how some of them come with draft stoppers. And I’m intrigued by the air filter whistle….it seems I need to spend more time on their site!

The Water Conservation Wheel is really cool! I like teaching people about going green and that looks like a good tool.

I liked the Water Miser 6-Position Garden Hose Nozzle Metal handle Commercial Grade. Where we live we have to water our plants everyday during almost all months, except for the winter months. Before today, I didn’t know that you can save using outdoor products as well. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!

really liked all of their eco-kits.

I really like the Water Miser 6-Position Garden Hose Nozzle Metal handle…it looks really sturdy too (we are always breaking our hose nozzles somehow!). Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

I like the Water Miser 6-Position Garden Hose Nozzle Metal handle Commercial Grade, for obvious water saving needs =)

I didn’t know there were fill cycle diverters! Interesting information.

Thanks for the opportunity.

I really liked the Niagara Power One™ 1.0 GPF Pressure-Assist HET (High-Efficiency Toilet) because our water bill for sewer is very high. This would eliminate that problem.

I liked the Earth® Massage 2.0 GPM Handheld Showerhead. I need a new showerhead. Thanks for the chance.

The Soil Moisture Meter/Probe would be great so that I do not overwater my gardens this year.

I actually like all the handheld shower heads. I would love one of these. Not only does it save water but it delivers consistent pressure. It is a win-win.

Oh the garden tools look great!

Be sure to enter my cookbook giveaway

I’m a subscriber now too!


THank you for the great giveaway.
I would love to win. I really like the Niagara commercial power rinser pre spray valve. Definitely something we could use.
Thank you

I like the looks of the handheld shower heads. I’ve wanted one of those REALLY badly for a long time, so of course they’re quite appealing to me. 😉

I subscribed to your feed!

I really like the Earth Massage 2.0 GPM Handheld Showerhead-White. It is so much easier to take a shower with a handheld showerhead and this one saves water too!!! That’s very important as we have to pay $90 for water and sewer and so much per 1000 gals. of water we use.

What a neat site! The items that hubby and I liked best were the Soil Moisture Meter/Probe/ and the rain gauge.

Their Premium Quality Door and Window Adhesive – V-Type Weatherstrip. We know we are losing heat through our door because you can feel a draft when you are next to it. We had planned on replacing the door but this would be a more economic solution and would help save us money on heating.

I really like the Storm Window Kit!

Gas Green House EcoKit™ – I have a gas powered home so this will help a lot. I am slowly going green and this would give me a big jump ahead. Thank you.

RSS subscribed. Thank you for another entry. I do want this to help me to be more green.

Earth® Massage 2.0 GPM Handheld Showerhead. is wonderful


I like the earth massage shower head.

Wow the Limelight nightlight uses only 26 cents worth of electricity per year for 100,000 hours in its lifetime.

I like the Rainfall 2.25 GPM Chrome Showerhead. I need to replace my oldschool waterhogging showerhead for sure!


My favorite thing is the “Premium, Nail-On Wood Doorstop Combination with Q-lon”…I live in an older drafty home where the wood doors have gaps on the bottom. I live in Minnesota where the weather gets really cold and it doesn’t look too pretty to have blankets or towels covering up the gaps. I just started going green this year…it was one of my New Year’s Resolution and this would be a great “Green” win for me!!

I know it’s simple but I love the shower timer! I think it teaches us to not take as long of a shower and save water!

I’m interested in the toilet water fill cycle diverter. I’m really interested in how it works.

I’m all about being green and healthy!

The LIME LIGHT looks pretty neat!
“This flat, plug-in, glow-in-the-dark electroluminescent night light uses only 26¢ worth of electricity a year for 100,000 hours in its lifetime!” Wow!

I like the toilet water saver. I’ve a fan of the “if it’s yellow than it’s mellow” idea because so much water is wasted on one little flush, but after a while it unfortunately starts to smell, so I’m not so much of a fan. I hate wasting the water, so this would be a great product to help cure the hate!

I’m a subscriber!

I liked the Earth Massage 2.0 GPM Handheld Showerhead. I like it it could make my shower time worth while. Thank you kindly! skyxsky27(at)

I like the Gas Green House kit b/c I use gas and would like to save money.
Thanks for the giveaway!


The hardest thing for me to conserve is water. Even the Basic Water EcoKit would be great for us. I would use it to get us started.

I like their Gas Green House EcoKit. Their site is great. Thanks for the giveaway!

I like the idea of eco-kits. We have been conserving water for quite some time. Ever since we got our first house, all of our toilets have had a milk jug stuck in the tank to conserve water. The tank bank bag is a bit more glamorous.

I am really glad I am to this blog during the carnival. If not I would have never found the water saving stuff that I LOVE…my favorite and I may buy it is the Niagara Commercial Power Rinser Pre-Spray Valve. I want to conserve all OVER mY HOUse!!



Added your button here

tweeted under sgibbs58

the soil moisture probe would be awesome for my garden this summer!

The Earth® Massage 2.0 GPM Handheld Showerhead White sounds pretty neat

Well, I guess I’d have to go with either the Electric Greenhouse Kit or the Water Ecokit.

I like the Earth® Massage 1.5 GPM Handheld Chrome Showerhead. We need a new showerhead, and this one is way more efficient than our old one. Thanks!


I would really like to try the Rainfall 2.25 GPM Chrome Showerhead. Interesting site.

owatz (AT) telus (DOT) net

I like the garden tools because i adore gardening!
Great giveaway! Count me in.

My favorite item is the 20 watt CFL light bulb. I like it because we already use a similar light bulb at home. They work well and last long!


i am DEFINITELY interested in one of those showerheads – I’d put one in the kids’ bathroom PRONTO! I’m teaching my kids to take showers – and boy are they s.l.o.w.
It would help to know that there was a limit to the amount of water they could possibly waste while they learn to shower faster. 🙂

I tweeted it, too! 🙂

And I’m already a subscriber! 🙂

Earth® Massage 2.0 GPM Handheld Showerhead


I like the 1.5 GPM Dual-Spray Kitchen aerator with swivel and pause valve. I think alot of water is wasted in our kitchen and that needs to stop. I’ll go back and look around more as we are always looking for ways to save water around here.

he Water Conservation Wheel I would like to have

I like the Deluxe, Touch Flow 1.0 GPM Faucet Aerator because of the fingertip control.

I didn’t know you could put a barrier ON the windows to keep out drafts. Great idea! cookiecutter72 at hotmail do tcom

I love the handheld shower heads! Of course, mine just broke, so that could be why 🙂

I would like the Deluxe Water Green House EcoKit because we need some help in conserving water in our home!

I went to their site and I see that they have kitchen faucet attachments. I really need one of those. I would love to not use as much water while doing dishes.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

the Water Miser 6-Position Garden Hose Nozzle Metal handle Commercial Grade since we have to water our lawn and plants a lot.

I really like the Rainfall 2.25 GPM Chrome Showerhead because not only does it conserve water but it help increase water pressure!
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

I subscribed to emails. Thanks!
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

i like that the water kits don’t sacrifice water pressure for performance. i understand low flow, but it shouldn’t mean that you can’t get your hair rinsed.

We really need to cut down our water bill, I want the Deluxe Water Green House EcoKit™

i love the kitchen faucet aerator! i need to get one of those….

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