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Kentucky Ice/Snow Storm and Other News

Posted on: January 30, 2009

We started getting snow Sunday morning, by Tuesday afternoon we had added an inch or more of ice on top, Wednesday morning saw MORE snow and the loss of our electricity/heat. More than 300,00 people in Kentucky/Indiana lost power and as I write this more than 150,00 are still without power. All of Grayson County, KY is without power still. Please pray for that county.  We had no way to get out of our driveway and to my Aunt’s house until Wednesday afternoon when my Uncle was able to dig out and get us.  After a sleepless night there and more family time than one ever really needs, late Thursday we had electricity again; we packed up and headed back home to a cold house and more chores than I would like to think about. Hubby stayed in a hotel next door to the office Tuesday and Wednesday night, but he finally made it home last night. Boy, the girls and I were sure glad to see him! You’ll have to forgive me for my lack of posting Feature Friday and some other important posts for the last two weeks, but illness and Mother Nature have really worked me over.  I am just thankful the Lord was watching over all in my family and keeping us safe and sane over the last few days.

In other news, we had a winner for the Slimpressions giveaway: #7 Donna K!! Congratulations Donna!

The Passpack contest ends Saturday and there are only 2 entries!! There are 5 licenses to giveaway, so it looks like I’m going to have some left over!!

Here are some pictures I took from our snow storm.


Monday’s Snow Fall

Wednesday’s Snow Fall



Icicles off the front of the house

Ice LayerLayer of ice under snow

Outside refrideration

When the refrigerator broke I couldn’t let all my food spoil, so I made some outdoors refrigeration instead.

You will have to forgive how bad the pictures look on the page, I was having trouble with WP getting the pictures where I wanted them. Sometimes it’s definitely a user error. While it’s pretty here, it’s also a MAJOR inconvenience not to be able to get out of your driveway! More pictures later:)


1 Response to "Kentucky Ice/Snow Storm and Other News"

I’m not very far north, only 30 miles into OH, I got 13 inches!

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