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Coombs Family Farms Certified Organic Maple Syrup

Posted on: February 2, 2009

coombs-vermont-maple-sugar-shackOur family eats breakfast for dinner every Thursday and the girls eat pancakes at least twice or three times a week for breakfast. We go through A LOT of pancake syrup on a monthly basis, so feeding my girls the highest quality pancake syrup is important.  So when Coombs Family Farms contacted me about trying their USDA Organic Maple Syrup I jumped at the chance. I love maple syrup. I eat maple syrup on bacon, sausage, pancakes, even chicken fingers. I am always interested in higher grade and healthier foods to feed my family, so I was very interested in trying out their syrup.

Coombs Family Farms is a seventh generation small family maple farm that works with other small independent family farmers who share our commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and sustainable forestry.” Coombs Family Farms usespouts tree-friendly spouts to to tap their trees. “A typical tree will be more than 10 inches in diameter and have one or two taps.  “Coombs Family Farms uses Energy saving reverse osmosis evaporators that reduce carbon emissions. In fact, by using this reverse osmosis process, we reduce our syrup-making energy consumption by 75%! As the water is boiled off, the liquid becomes sweeter (more concentrated), and begins to move towards the front of the pan. This is where we see the boiling sap turn golden. We frequently check the temperature of the boiling liquid. When it reaches 7.50F degrees above water’s boiling point, it has become maple syrup. What was 98% water and 2% sugar is now 33% water and 67% sugar.” It is then filtered and packaged. That’s it. There are added preservatives, thickeners, or artificial flavors added to their syrup, just straight out of the maple tree maple syrup. There are no pesticides used in or on the farm. That’s the best you can offer your family.

coombs-farm-pancake-maple-syrupNow let’s get down to the taste, as this is the most important part of it all to a child and a mother. Delicious. We made pancakes, bacon, and eggs last Thursday just like every other week. The only exception was the addition of a new bottle of maple syrup. We put out the name brand” and Coombs Family Farms’ brand for a taste test, to see if we could tell the difference. The Coombs Family Farms’ syrup was smooth, just the right sweet and tasted so delicious.  My girls preferred the Coombs syrup over the “name brand” with all the foods.  We ate chicken fingers dipped in Coombs Family syrup for lunch on Friday and it was so good. I will never go back to “name brand” syrup again.  I love that Coombs Family Farms uses environmentally safe processes and still produces organic, delicious, maple syrup.

If you, too, are interested in feeding your family the best nature has to offer check out Coombs Family Farms Maple Syrup.

All photos are courtesy of Coombs Family Farms.

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