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Meeting Lizzy~A Tale of Teenage Dating Abuse

Posted on: February 2, 2009

meeting-lizzy-front-cover-for-web-postsThough intended for the young adult genre, Meeting Lizzy is a poignant read for people of all ages.  Impeccably written, Meeting Lizzy tells the tale of two misunderstood and lonely teenagers thrown together in one on life’s most cruel circumstances.  Dating violence. As the mother of two young girls who will someday (a long time from now I hope) be dating this book is especially eye opening. I urge you to read this with your daughters, nieces, sisters, and friends. Share this book with everyone, the story is not a unique one…which is the scary part.

Meeting Lizzy tells the story of Cy and Eliza, two teenagers from seemingly different worlds. Eliza is ultra popular, smart, beautiful, and dating the star football player; while Cy is a freak, doesn’t apply himself (though intelligent), and a loner by choice. Both are missing the love of their mothers and their fathers are not around nearly enough. By chance and horrible circumstance they meet and both of their lives are forever changed.

One evening while watching a tv police drama, Cy is sure he hears a terrible noise coming from upstairs and goes to investigate.  He knocks on the door on the upstairs apartment to find “Beef Man” standing behind the door and a young girl laying motionless on the floor.  What follows is Cy and Eliza’s versions of a story with heart-wrenching detail.  Cy struggles to help Eliza escape from the massive abuse she receives from her boyfriend while struggling with his own identity; Eliza struggles with the fear and pain caused by the abuse, trying to break free from the cycle, and being pulled back in by a boyfriend who contributes not only physical abuse, but also psychological.

Follow along with Cy and Eliza as they struggle with their own personal demons and some real life demons too. SaraBeth Carter meets the challenge of correctly depicting the gross abuse in enough detail to be believable and drives home the importance of talking to your children about abuse. I would recommend this well-written book to everyone and plan to read it with my daughters in a few years. If you know a librarian or are one yourself, be sure Meeting Lizzy is in the library. This book could save a young woman’s life.

Read the teaser 1st Chapter of Meeting Lizzy here.

Larry John Wright Publishing has graciously offered to give away a copy of Meeting Lizzy to one reader here on Mom of Faith.  The giveaway starts today and will run until February 14. A winner will be chosen at 10 pm, Saturday, February 14.

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Good luck!

Photos courtesy of Sara Beth Carter.
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