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Let’s take a look at what we can do to make your PC quicker & more secure.

Visit the Microsoft Update website often.

Security patches, which are released on the second Tuesday of each month, are the first line of defense against badware, aka Malicious Software.

Clear Registry errors & remove items from startup to speed up your PC.
Download & install CCleaner.

To clean the Registry:

Open CCleaner, click ‘Registry’ & ‘Scan for Issues’.
Once the scan completes, click ‘Fix selected issues’.
You will be prompted: “Do you want to backup changes to the registry?”
Select YES and save the .reg to your C:\ for easy reference. In the event that something goes wrong, running the .reg file will re-apply the changes made w/ ccleaner.
On the next screen, click ‘Fix All Selected Issues’.
‘Are you sure you want to Fix all selected Issues? ‘OK’, ‘Close’.

To Clean the Startup:
Open CCleaner, click ‘Tools’, Startup.
Click a program that you do not want to start when Windows Boots & click ‘Delete Entry’. You will be prompted: “This will permanently remove this startup entry for the program. Are you sure you want to do this?” OK or Cancel.
* Carefully select the items to delete from startup. Don’t delete anything without first knowing what it is.

Do you have an Anti Virus…Is it up to date?
If you have no Anti Virus software or outdated anti virus software that wants a ransom to update the virus definitions, you need Avast.

After installing Avast, allow the software to scan your PC at the next restart. Avast will clean your PC of viruses/trojans & it updates free daily.

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