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a-little-faithMy Precious Girls have discovered a new love: The Precious Girls Club, created by the brains behind Precious Moments. The Precious Girls Club is focused on helping our girls discover how wonderful it is to be precious. For me, keeping my girls innocent and “precious” for as long as possible is a top priority. I have found that already in kindergarten KG is being faced with many adult situations; boyfriends and cussing just to name two. I am thrilled to find that at least one company is doing all they can to help me, as a parent, keep my daughters free of these adult situations and innocent for as long as possible.

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wfmwI don’t know about you, but I’m busy. In fact, I’m not busy…I’m CRAZY busy. With two kiddos, homework, dinner…you get the idea..I don’t have a lot of time to clean my house. Unfortunately, a clean house is very important here. Our children have severe dust mite allergies, so our house has to stay clean and this requires work. To help me keep up with my cleaning I have found it’s most helpful to schedule my cleaning. I take a calendar and write out my schedule. It’s pretty much one room a day with the every day/monthly items added where needed.

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We have a winner in Mom of Faith’s Niagara Eco Kit Giveaway….drum roll please….brrrrrrrrrr ump…

#68-Lisa G.

Congratulations Lisa. You have received your email and your info has been passed on.  Please feel free to come back here and let us know what YOU thought about the kit.

Just to remind you what comes in the Deluxe Water Eco Kit:deluxe water Eco kit

* TOILET WATER SAVER (Fill Cycle Diverter)

I urge you to head over to Niagara Conservation and order one for your house!



With an independent 22 month old it was only a matter of time before she decided “I DO!” applied to eating…well, everything. She wont let me help her eat cereal, ice cream, or anything else. She is her mother’s child. Which I appreciate, but it does get messy and a bit of a hassle to clean.

Enter the Baby Dipper bowl. This unique bowl makes KJ’s feeding herself easier AND less messy. It’s shaped like a triangle with a non-slip bottom surface which keeps it from sliding. A sloped inside surface and spoon-shaped collection point make it so easy for her to gather the food…now if they made some way for her to getsideways-chair the food into her mouth with out dropping half of it on her lap.

She asks for her bowl every time we sit down to eat, which may force me to invest in more than one since I hate doing dishes. The Baby Dipper is also great for parents who are trying to feed their baby and are tired of chasing the bowl all around the table. We tested it’s stickiness by putting it on our wooden chairs and holding them sideways, so no slipping. None. It didn’t move at all.  I love this thing!

If you’re like me, then you need one of these. Well…Barabara, the owner and brain behind Baby Dipper, has graciously decided to give a Baby Dipper to one of my readers.

Baby Dipper in packageThis contest will end February 14th at Midnight.

To enter: After you have done both, comment here.

* Go to Baby Dipper, then come back here and tell me about  your favorite feature of the Baby Dipper.

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Recently Niagara Conservation contacted me with an offer to try out their Deluxe Water EcoKit in our home. Needless to say, I was PUMPED! I am always looking for ways to save money and our environment, so I jumped at the chance.  We have a Niagara low flow toilet, so I already knew that anything Niagara made I was going to love.

Saturday morning found me sick as a dog and my hubby working hard to save water and money with the Deluxe Water EcoKit.  If I thought I was excited about the EcoKit, my husband was beside himself with joy. He woke me up with “Do you realize what Niagara sent us?? When can I put it in?” I giggled to myself and “grumpily” told him “Go ahead and let me sleep in.”  deluxe Water Saver EcoKit

I’ll admit though my interest was peaked, I had to know what was in that box. In the adorable house shaped box was
* TOILET WATER SAVER (Fill Cycle Diverter)

My husband immedately filled the Toilet Tank Bank, which looks like a small hot water bag, and put it in our toilet tank. Just by putting this in our toilet we can save up to .8 gallons each flush.  He also installed the Toilet Water Saver in our toilet which takes excess water from the bowl and diverts it into the tank saving up to 1/2 a gallon each flush!! Both of these were super to easy to set up and install and will go a long way to saving us money in the future.  The showerhead and sink aerators were a little more time consuming to install, but my husband would say it’s easy for a “real man”.

Just by making some really easy and cheap adjustments to your household items, you can save money and water.

The wonderful people at Niagara Conservation have offered to give one of my lucky readers a Deluxe Water EcoKit (valued at $60) to use in their home!

The rules for entry are simple:

* Head over to Niagara’s Conservation site, look around, learn something, and come back here and comment on your favorite item and why.

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Good Luck!!


Head over to Bloggy Giveaways to enter tons more great giveaways!!

Works For Me Wednesday

I don’t know about you, but I have what seems like a billion passwords (probably closer to 100) that I have to remember and well over 20 that I use on a daily basis. Just remembering ten unique passwords is difficult enough, let alone 20+ DAILY.  It’s nearly impossible. I do my bill paying online, most of my shopping, and run my website online (of course.) Luckily, there are a few programs out there that do the remembering for me. FireFox will remember most passwords, but not all of them.  Roboform, the handy tool bar that automatically fills in the dozens of forms we freebie queens fill out in a day, also remembers up to 10 passwords after the trial period runs out. But that’s just 10. What about the other 90 passwords people like me have to remember?

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When the Slimpression’s people contacted me about reviewing their slimming shirts I thought to myself…I don’t need to be slimmed.  But come one, let’s face it…we all need a little slimming. I decided to do a little research into who Slimpressions really are. What they stand for and what exactly the product was.  Slimpressions is a Marietta, GA based section of Branches Unlimited, LLC owned and operated by sisters-in-law with a combined 35 years of business experience. Slimpressions is a patent-pending line of shaping tops designed to slim a woman’s arms, back, and midsection. The Slimpressions line comes in four different colors: white, chocolate, black, and nude.

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