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From My family to yours:  Merry Christmas and may our Heavenly Father continue to pour blessing down on your lives.  With so much to be grateful for it’s hard to find a reason not to Thank God this Christmas.  My prayers and thoughts are with the service men and women all over the world, and away from their families this year.  I pray we all take time today and tomorrow to remember the REAL reason we celebrate, not for the gifts or food, but because our Almighty Father sent His only Son to die on the cross for OUR sins so that we might spend eternity in His presence.  Merry babyjesusChristmas!

I will be back in a day or two…so enjoy this time off with your families.

For those of you who say “I never win anything”…I just won a $50 Electronics Gift Card from Kraft’s The Tale of the Magical Crackers!!  I am so excited!  My husband is beyond happy!  He’s a computer technician, so this is an especially great prize for him.  So I told him “Merry Christmas”…in 6-8 weeks:)  So to all of you out there…Keep Trying!  It does pay off!  I am so shocked! 

Those are some of my excuses for having dropped off the web-osphere…at least a couple of them…The main one being lack of internet access in our new house.   You see, when we bought our house we took for granted that since it was on a main road here in small town, KY that we would have cable or DSL access.  We were wrong.   My hubby, the techie, and I have been cut off from the outside world.  KG started kindergarten at the beginning of August, actually two days before our big move!!  She loves it and is doing great!  She picked right up with reading and has just taken off…I am the room mom and volunteer there twice a week now.  KJ is working hard to give me a heart attack before I’m thirty.  Her vocabulary has exploded since we took her passie last week and she never stops moving.   We’ve all been rather sick lately also, so even though I’ve been online for a week now this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and gather some thoughts.

I hope to at least be able to post once every couple of days…let me know if there is anything you would like to read about.

First let me just say “Welcome” to all of my first time visitors! I am so glad you found me, whether it was through 24/7MOMS or just blind luck.  I am looking forward to sharing  what I learn and learning from what YOU share.  Please take a moment, grab a cup of tea, and look around…make yourself comfortable. And let me know if there’s anything I can get ya.

I was recently asked to try the MomAgenda and write an honest review. Let me say first that I would not have agreed if I had felt pressured to write a strictly positive review or to give a biased opinion.  With that said…I cannot now imagine my life without my MomAgenda! I mean it!  It is just wonderful.  And SO helpful.

We are going on vacation tomorrow and I have been so lucky to have been able to plan most of our trip using the vacation planning section of my MomAgenda. With the color coded pages, it was easy to find and use for jotting down dates, places for lodging, budgeting, rental car information (we don’t have one), and more.  There is ample space for putting down thoughts on what to pack, what groceries to buy, where to eat, and our itinerary.  The MomAgenda has just been an invaluable resource; I have been able to keep all of my confirmation numbers and other important information in ONE place rather than strewn all over my house and in the wrong place when I need it.

While I “only” have two small daughters to keep my busy, some days it feels more like four or five.  We are very active in our community, church, with our family that some times it can be easy to get lost…mentally.  Recently, I had been using four different wall calendars to keep up with all our different activities AND the menu planning.  Yes, it was silly looking and yes, it does take up Alot of room.  Not anymore my friends!  I now have all of my needed information: schedules, menus, grocery lists, addresses and birthdays…and so much more safely and totally encased in my cute MomAgenda.  Oh, and by cute I mean stylish.  I love that it’s pink!  It comes in a ton of different styles, colors, and sizes to fit everyone’s tastes.  I plan to make this a Christmas present to myself and my crazy busy mom friends.

Check out MomAgenda right now and get yours!  Come back and let me know which one you fell in love with!  While your at it cruise by 24/7MOMS for some great reading and advice.

I know we all love reward sites that “pay” us for shoopping through their site. UPromise rewards yours or your children’s college funds when you make qualifying purchases or shop online.  Ebates has a great bonus going on right now where you get a $10 gift card or $5 cash for signing up and making your first puchase.  Big Crumbs offers one of the best referral programs available, not to mention one of the highest/quickest payouts (you get a check every month rather than every quarter).  But BondRewards has got to be a new one on me.  This program pays you in SAVINGS BONDS!  What a great inovation.  I love this idea!  Right now they are offering “double rewards” on purchases made at several big named stores, Overstock and OfficeDepot just to name a couple.  BondRewards helps families of all income levels enhance their savings and reach their Personal Savings goals.  They pay out when your account reaches the 100 BondRewards, the payout is a $100 savings bond or $50 cash.  I plan to use this when buying the girl’s clothes, KG’s school supplies, and anything else child related through them and saving up for both of them.  We do this at home with piggy banks and loose change.  It will be so nice to have to opportunity to futher contribute to my girl’s future with my online purchases.  Do you have any sites you especially love for their rewards??  and Be sure to check out Works For Me Wednesday over there Rocks In My Dryer and let her know how much you love reading all these great ideas!

My hubby was unable to start our series on Home computer upkeep last week but is really looking forward to starting it this week!  We have Vacation Bible School all week this week, so my posting might be sparadic this week.  Take a look at my hubby’s blog next week if you have any questions on what to do with your computer problems.  He will be happy to aid you in any way possible.

My wonderful and ever intelligent Hubby has started his very own blog!  *applause*  We’ve only been discussing this option for 6+ months now…but I am so proud of him!  Bear in mind he has only posted once, at 2am this morning, to make sure it works…but anything he does is well thought out and well put together.  As many of you know already, Hubby is a computer technician by trade and is an ever expanding wealth of knowledge concerning all things computer related.  Hubby is planning on covering many different computer problems and their solutions in the coming weeks/months.  I have also asked that he do a guest blog for me on Fridays, tentatively called “Fix It Friday”.  If you have any computer related questions, please leave them as a comment or send me an email and he will be answering these on Friday mornings.  In the meantime, Please check out his new blog, Fix This Computer! Feel free to leave him constructive comments with ideas of what you would like to see covered.  A link to his blog will aways be accessable through my blogroll.

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