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coombs-vermont-maple-sugar-shackOur family eats breakfast for dinner every Thursday and the girls eat pancakes at least twice or three times a week for breakfast. We go through A LOT of pancake syrup on a monthly basis, so feeding my girls the highest quality pancake syrup is important.  So when Coombs Family Farms contacted me about trying their USDA Organic Maple Syrup I jumped at the chance. I love maple syrup. I eat maple syrup on bacon, sausage, pancakes, even chicken fingers. I am always interested in higher grade and healthier foods to feed my family, so I was very interested in trying out their syrup.

Coombs Family Farms is a seventh generation small family maple farm that works with other small independent family farmers who share our commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and sustainable forestry.” Coombs Family Farms usespouts tree-friendly spouts to to tap their trees. “A typical tree will be more than 10 inches in diameter and have one or two taps.  “Coombs Family Farms uses Energy saving reverse osmosis evaporators that reduce carbon emissions. In fact, by using this reverse osmosis process, we reduce our syrup-making energy consumption by 75%! As the water is boiled off, the liquid becomes sweeter (more concentrated), and begins to move towards the front of the pan. This is where we see the boiling sap turn golden. We frequently check the temperature of the boiling liquid. When it reaches 7.50F degrees above water’s boiling point, it has become maple syrup. What was 98% water and 2% sugar is now 33% water and 67% sugar.” It is then filtered and packaged. That’s it. There are added preservatives, thickeners, or artificial flavors added to their syrup, just straight out of the maple tree maple syrup. There are no pesticides used in or on the farm. That’s the best you can offer your family.

coombs-farm-pancake-maple-syrupNow let’s get down to the taste, as this is the most important part of it all to a child and a mother. Delicious. We made pancakes, bacon, and eggs last Thursday just like every other week. The only exception was the addition of a new bottle of maple syrup. We put out the name brand” and Coombs Family Farms’ brand for a taste test, to see if we could tell the difference. The Coombs Family Farms’ syrup was smooth, just the right sweet and tasted so delicious.  My girls preferred the Coombs syrup over the “name brand” with all the foods.  We ate chicken fingers dipped in Coombs Family syrup for lunch on Friday and it was so good. I will never go back to “name brand” syrup again.  I love that Coombs Family Farms uses environmentally safe processes and still produces organic, delicious, maple syrup.

If you, too, are interested in feeding your family the best nature has to offer check out Coombs Family Farms Maple Syrup.

All photos are courtesy of Coombs Family Farms.

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In week three of the Money Talk Monday series, we are discussing visualizing your financial future.  A great way to start down the path to financial independence is to visualize your future. I want to start by creating a mantra for our financial future. It’s important to have a vision for your future and putting it in writing is a great way to affirm it.  So that’s what I want you to do. Think of a mantra for your financial future; make sure you keep it in the present tense and affirmative. Now write it down. I’m going to do it myself, right here for all of you to see.

I am making all the right steps to becoming financially independent.

Did you do it? Now put it somewhere you’ll see daily; even better, put it where it can be seen several times daily. For me this is taped to my computer screen so I’m looking at it everyday.

There are so many different opinions about the actual effects of visualization on your life, but my view is that it can’t hurt. You can’t become financially independent solely by visualizing it, but it is a part of the process. If all you are thinking about is how you are never going to become independent or how you’ll never succeed then all of your energy is going into that instead of making positive choices and changes in your life that will help you succeed.

Positive thinking is not wishful thinking. Positive thinking is a way of life.  Positive thinking requires you rid yourself and life of all negative thinking.  It does not promise that your life is going to be roses and perfect and when life isn’t perfect  it requires even more dedication and practice to continue your new way of thinking and living.  Positive thinking is only one part of what it takes to make a better life for yourself.

Dreams give you something to strive for, something to work for and without them we live a sad, fruitless existence. I chose the word existence because that’s what it is without dreams and hopes, not a life. Life is what you give everything into making better and what you work hard for. Instead of constantly worrying about money and financial problems, make a conscious effort to focus your thinking on wealth and the steps to creating that wealth.  I’m not suggesting you stop thinking about paying your bills, but focus your attention on creating wealth.

This week you have a little homework. Focus your thoughts on creating wealth and keep them affirmative.  If you didn’t already write down your mantra, do it now and please share it with us.

What is your mantra? What steps are you making to positively affect your future?

For more information on becoming financially independent, check out Dr. Lois Frankel’s Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich.

To catch up on what you’ve missed with Money Talk Monday, check out parts One and Two.

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Abella Galleries LogoOne of my favorite new “little” online jewelry shops  is Abella Galleries and if you haven’t heard of them, then you should run over and check them out! Elizabeth is the owner and she is just fabulous! She has a great selection of beautiful white stone and turquoise jewelery. I am a sucker for beautiful jewelery and I fell in love at first sight. All of Abella Galleries jewelry is custom designed by Elizabeth herself and she plans to feature many other up and coming artists, jewelry designers, and photographers in her gallery soon.

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We started getting snow Sunday morning, by Tuesday afternoon we had added an inch or more of ice on top, Wednesday morning saw MORE snow and the loss of our electricity/heat. More than 300,00 people in Kentucky/Indiana lost power and as I write this more than 150,00 are still without power. All of Grayson County, KY is without power still. Please pray for that county.  We had no way to get out of our driveway and to my Aunt’s house until Wednesday afternoon when my Uncle was able to dig out and get us.  After a sleepless night there and more family time than one ever really needs, late Thursday we had electricity again; we packed up and headed back home to a cold house and more chores than I would like to think about. Hubby stayed in a hotel next door to the office Tuesday and Wednesday night, but he finally made it home last night. Boy, the girls and I were sure glad to see him! You’ll have to forgive me for my lack of posting Feature Friday and some other important posts for the last two weeks, but illness and Mother Nature have really worked me over.  I am just thankful the Lord was watching over all in my family and keeping us safe and sane over the last few days.

In other news, we had a winner for the Slimpressions giveaway: #7 Donna K!! Congratulations Donna!

The Passpack contest ends Saturday and there are only 2 entries!! There are 5 licenses to giveaway, so it looks like I’m going to have some left over!!

Here are some pictures I took from our snow storm.


Monday’s Snow Fall

Wednesday’s Snow Fall



Icicles off the front of the house

Ice LayerLayer of ice under snow

Outside refrideration

When the refrigerator broke I couldn’t let all my food spoil, so I made some outdoors refrigeration instead.

You will have to forgive how bad the pictures look on the page, I was having trouble with WP getting the pictures where I wanted them. Sometimes it’s definitely a user error. While it’s pretty here, it’s also a MAJOR inconvenience not to be able to get out of your driveway! More pictures later:)

book-coverIn Debbie Mandel’s book Addicted to Stress: A Woman’s 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life,  Mandel takes on the Herculean task of helping over stressed women take back their individuality and leave behind the shell we have become.  As an over worked, WAY stressed mother and wife I know first hand what it feels like to lose sight of who you really are. What a breath of fresh air Mandel’s book proved to be. With insights from other women and real life situations strategically placed throughout the book, Mandel offers even more usable advice for managing our everyday stress.  Debbie walks you through reconnecting with your inner self and teaches you to let go of unreasonable expectations.  Debbie gives you 7 simple steps to follow to finding and releasing your stress-free self.  The book enlightens you to the effects stress has on your health, mind, family, and spousal relationship.  Debbie also stresses the importance of fun and humor in your life; that YOU hold the key to how your day proceeds-positively or negatively. Addicted to Stress opened my eyes to a new way to live and helped me to feel lighter, happier, and free again.  I recommend reading and re-reading this book again and again.  Debbie really hits the nail on the head with Addicted to Stress.

For more information on Debbie Mandel check out her website, Turn on Your Inner Light.  You can purchase Addicted to Stress

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With an independent 22 month old it was only a matter of time before she decided “I DO!” applied to eating…well, everything. She wont let me help her eat cereal, ice cream, or anything else. She is her mother’s child. Which I appreciate, but it does get messy and a bit of a hassle to clean.

Enter the Baby Dipper bowl. This unique bowl makes KJ’s feeding herself easier AND less messy. It’s shaped like a triangle with a non-slip bottom surface which keeps it from sliding. A sloped inside surface and spoon-shaped collection point make it so easy for her to gather the food…now if they made some way for her to getsideways-chair the food into her mouth with out dropping half of it on her lap.

She asks for her bowl every time we sit down to eat, which may force me to invest in more than one since I hate doing dishes. The Baby Dipper is also great for parents who are trying to feed their baby and are tired of chasing the bowl all around the table. We tested it’s stickiness by putting it on our wooden chairs and holding them sideways, so no slipping. None. It didn’t move at all.  I love this thing!

If you’re like me, then you need one of these. Well…Barabara, the owner and brain behind Baby Dipper, has graciously decided to give a Baby Dipper to one of my readers.

Baby Dipper in packageThis contest will end February 14th at Midnight.

To enter: After you have done both, comment here.

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Good Luck!

Have you found a product that makes life easier? Please share your wisdom!

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