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We went in yesterday to sign the final offer papers and now it is all in the hands of our mortgage company and the sellers.  Now the sellers must make the repairs they promised and get rid of the “Army Of Fire Ants!”.  At this point it is all out of our hands…we can’t do anything else to make this any faster.  Sigh.  Now I pack.  I plan to spend the next 30-45 days packing rather than waiting until the week we are planning on moving.  Hubby has to run cable throughout the house before we move in…I cannot even imagine trying to survive without the internet.  Hubby has the internet at work (he has to as this is what he does for a living), but it’s not like he can do the grocery research from work or print the coupons I need.  This is a mandatory pre-move in task!  Today is the day the FHA loan rates get raised, but luckily we were able to get locked in at our rate last week so this rate hike won’t effect our loan.  However, if you are planning on applying for a FHA loan any time soon you should get started and try to get a locked in rate as soon as possible.  The government plans to raise the rates at least two mroe times before the end of this year, or so we were told by our mortgage agent.  So now we wait.  And pack.


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