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We went in yesterday to sign the final offer papers and now it is all in the hands of our mortgage company and the sellers.  Now the sellers must make the repairs they promised and get rid of the “Army Of Fire Ants!”.  At this point it is all out of our hands…we can’t do anything else to make this any faster.  Sigh.  Now I pack.  I plan to spend the next 30-45 days packing rather than waiting until the week we are planning on moving.  Hubby has to run cable throughout the house before we move in…I cannot even imagine trying to survive without the internet.  Hubby has the internet at work (he has to as this is what he does for a living), but it’s not like he can do the grocery research from work or print the coupons I need.  This is a mandatory pre-move in task!  Today is the day the FHA loan rates get raised, but luckily we were able to get locked in at our rate last week so this rate hike won’t effect our loan.  However, if you are planning on applying for a FHA loan any time soon you should get started and try to get a locked in rate as soon as possible.  The government plans to raise the rates at least two mroe times before the end of this year, or so we were told by our mortgage agent.  So now we wait.  And pack.

Today we went into the realtor’s office to sign the updated offer contract so it can be sent to our mortage company.  While we were there one of the “head” realtors advised us that the underwriters at our mortage company may have a problem with a furniture allowance and may want to see that money go into paying the closing instead.  This will cause a HUGE problem for us!  We simply cannot afford to pay for the new appliances ourselves without any monitary assistance.  However, I am just not going to worry about it….God will take care of it and our family.

I took my grandmother for the grand tour of the house today…and she was really pleased with us.  This was important, you see, because if Mommaw ain’t happy…Ain’t nobody happy.  The yard needs A LOT of work, but it’s nothing a couple of young, able bodied people can’t take care of.  We are actually looking forward to getting out there and working on our OWN yard, so this will be a welcome change.  I also saw today that there is an apple tree in the back yard and this makes me even happier since we eat lots of apples in this family.

That’s about all we’ve gotten accomplished today, tomorrow Hubby will start an inspection of the house and the ball can really get rolling.

Stay Tuned…

We countered late last night with an offer of 500 less and 500 on appliances.  However, even if they come back and don’t take anything off or give us the appliances, we are still going to buy the house.  We love this house and a matter of $1000 isn’t going to be enough to turn us away…of course, we are also terribly desperate. Our family has graciuosly offered to help us buy the appliances…and there is a great “scratch and dent” place not far from here that has brand new GE appliances that have some scratches and dents (obviously.)  We haven’t heard whether or not they are going to accept this offer…or counter (again)…or just decline. So I am still playing the waiting game.  It’s funny, I’m going to have to change my ring tone for her phone number so my knees don’t go numb everytime I hear my phone ring…my grandmother called this morning to let me know she was going to the dentist and I thought I was going to pass out before I got to the phone.  Well, KG and KJ are really wanting to take a walk this morning and I’m hoping that helps me devote my energy to something else for a bit.

UPDATE: 10:45am  THEY ACCEPTED!!!  WHOO!  Oh My Goodness…I cannot tell you how much better I feel!  I am THRILLED!  I am about to own my first home!  I am going for a walk now…feeling a hundred times better!

Today we put an offer on a house. That’s right. I’m scared to DEATH! I guess that’s only partly true. You see, I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted from my shoulders…but at the same time I am frightened to my core that this won’t work out. But right here…right now, I am giving it over to God. There is nothing I can do is totally up the seller now and GOD. I know that if this is God’s will, it will all work out. If it fails to work out, God has something else in store for us. I am just SO ready to own a home and no longer live below “the people who never sleep” or next to “the loud cars”.

We have been trying to figure out the most frugal way to buy a house…and well, we gave up. Not really. We didn’t have any money saved to put down as a down payment on our new house, however we did qualify for $4,500 in down payment assistance along with qualifying for a FHA loan for the price of the home. Today, we made our first offer on The House. I’m too afraid to get my hopes up and we haven’t told the girls..because we don’t want to their hopes up. But who knows…I just pray we have enough money saved up to get us through the move and such…IF they accept the offer.

UPDATE:6:03pm They countered by accepting all of our conditions, with the exception of the purchase of appliances.  Sigh.  This was one of our “must haves”. So now what?  Where do I go from here?  Their agent told us that after the other conditons and her commission they would be barely breaking even, so they just couldn’t afford to purchase appliances.  Hubby is going to try counter-offering with half of the appliances and a small amount off the purchase price, but I expect they will decline or at the very least counter again.  I just SO badly wanted this house.  It was perfect for us…it’s a bit heart-breaking.  I desperatly want my own bedroom and space to breathe.  However, I know our budget and I know we can’t afford to be purchasing all new appliances.  So if they can’t come down on the price or come up with some appliances…I guess we continue looking elsewhere.  Sad, really.

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