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Todays FREE swagbucks code is: freeswag

For those of you who do not know what Swagbucks is, I’ll explain. – search & win is an online search that rewards you every time you search. You could earn anywhere from 1 SwagBuck (the most likely) to 250 SwagBucks when you search. Now, I grant you, you don’t earn a lot of SwagBucks at one time when you search, but when you have people sign up under you, you earn when they earn.  It’s super easy to use, just download the tool bar and use it every time you search (but make sure you’re signed in first). They have an internal system that checks for legitimate searches to keep the program fair. You can use your “SwagBucks” to earn rewards like Starbucks gift cards, my personal favorite.
Everyone, 13 years old and up, are eligible to win prizes.

Other ways to win SwagBucks:  For every old cellphone you send in you can earn up to 300 SwagBucks. Prodege, the company that owns SwagBucks “works with authorized agencies to repair, and redistribute phones in working condition to emerging markets. For older models, or cell phones that have suffered water damage, Prodege works with Sims Recycling Solutions, a widely respected e-waste recycler to responsibly dispose of any and all hazardous materials.”

Earn 1 SwagBuck for every 5 Dollars you spend at one of their online retail partners. “Use available coupons as an added savings on top of your SwagBuck rewards.”

If you’re interested in signing up and starting to earn your own FREE stuff, click here or on the banner to your left.

I have recently been interested in trying out some online scrapbooking sites, since I personally have ZERO crafty talent.  Seriously.  Not a crafty/artistic bone in my body.  This has always been a bit of a bummer for me, both of my parents are talented artists and the gene just skipped my generation.  My only hope now is one of the girls inherits it.  Back to scrapbooking though.  You see, I love the look of scrapbooks, but just don’t have time of artistic talent to undertake a project like a scrapbook.  Recently, I have been yearning for some really cute scrapbooks of KG’s 5th birthday and would like one of her first week of school.  So in doing some research I have found that you can get this done for free online wiby using some really adorable and well put together scrapbooking sites.  A couple of the sites that interest me most include: you can create a beautiful scrapbook in less than five minutes and add music, videos, and of course pictures.  The fantastic themes are designed by Hallmark, Making Memories, and many more.  You can even email, blog, or save your scrapbook to your hard drive. site has more thingamajigs and dohickeys to layer on your special pages than I have ever seen.  This site includes hip templates and even allows you to create your own by using their selection of thousands of different stickers, frames, fonts, and backgrounds.  You can email or upload your pages to your blog for FREE.

I know there are tons of these on the inter-web, but these are the only two I have had time to try out.  Please leave me a comment if you know of any more great sites to help my poor un-crafty self.  For more helpful tips, checkout BeCentsAble‘s Tipster Tuesday.  and If you aren’t already check back with BeCentsAble on Monday and Thursdays for their Grocery Gathering.

Thanks to HandPrints on the Wall and Freebies 4 Mom for letting us in on the GREAT deal on FREE Digital Prints! Thats right I said FREE!! 400 FREE digital prints to be exact. is giving 400 FREE digital prints and an 8×8 Custom Cover Photo Book (good starting May 31) just for siging up! This is a limited time offer so you will need to sign up fast! Its a simple registering process, very simple considering they are just giving away prints! Personally I LOVE Snapfish and am loyal to them, but I would be just crazy to pass up a chance at FREE prints of my beautiful babies! Take advantage of this offer quick because once they hit their limit of 20,000,000 free prints credits the offer will be over and you will have missed your chance! It only takes a couple of seconds to register and your are credited the prints automatically!

I found this an interesting way to donate food for the hungry:

This website offers a game way to donating. They give you a word (not easy ones) and then four possible definitions, you choose the correct one and they will donate 10 grains of rice. So for every word you define correctly you are donating 10 grains to a hungry person through an international aid agency.

So for those of you out there who LOVE word games, give a chance.

Note: For those of you (like me) who aren’t word geniuses, try Googling the word by typing define:word <——-you substitute word here.

Example: truculent means:


  1. trashy
  2. regular
  3. presumptuous
  4. savage

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