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We are taking this week as our “vacation” from the outside world, so I will not be posting quite as much.  However, We will still be participating in 24/7 MOMS blog tour on Thursday so be sure to stop back by then!  Hubby will also be posting his Fix It Friday column on Thursday night, so be sure to check that out also.

We are meeting one of my sisters in Cherokee, NC to go camping Friday morning and until then I am going to be packing and cleaning…not to mention that I have must start packing our house.  We went to Cherokee last year to go camping and loved it so much we decided to make this our permanant camping spot.  My sisters, their significant others, and my family go camping every year in the fall; since KG starts school at the first of August we had to move the date up a bit.  We are also taking KJ for the first time ever so we got cabins this year.  Our favorite spot to camp in Cherokee is Indian Creek Campgrounds, we went tent camping last year here and it’s so quiet and serene…we just fell in love.  It’s also affordable, we are staying in a 4 person cabin for $50 a night.  The cabin has two double beds, Hubby and I will get one-sister and hubby will get the other, KG is going to sleep on an air mattress, and KJ will sleep in her Pack and Play.  We are staying 3 nights/4 days so the total cost for lodging will be $150 split between my sister and me.  So we are only paying $75 to go camping for three nights, break that down and we’re paying $25 a night-you can’t do that in a hotel. You also can’t put a price on the fun we have all sharing the same space…for a short period of time anyway.

We aren’t planning on doing too much while we’re there, however we will make time to check out the Oconaluftee Village and have a picnic on the little island they have in the middle of town. We might also take some time and go see the Museum of the Cherokee Indian while we’re there.  Our big thing this year is to do it as frugally as possible and still have the one on one time we look forward to each year.  There will be no TVs, no phone service, no computers…just family.  I can’t wait.  I NEED this time.  This is the last vacation before KG starts school.  Oh, and I almost forgot we love to eat local food made by locals so we will be eating out once on this trip and it will be at Granny’s Kitchen…they’re supposed to have the best traditional buffet around.  Another tip we tend to follow is to only buy items made there on the Reservation.  We want to support the local trade and economy as much as possible, while still supporting our pocketbooks =)

What are you doing this summer to connect with family and friends?

As a proud mama, there is nothing I like better than to have my girls pictures done. But as a frugal mama, there is nothing that irks me more than the astronomical prices most studios pay just to have my daughters sit still (ha.) and smile (ha. again.) This is the exact reason I adore Picture Me! Studios, formally Walmart photo studios. I recently signed up for their e-newsletter and just today I recieved an email with a couple of great coupons. $4.99 for their “Introductory” package plus a “FREE” 10×13. This is a great deal! I’m not sure why they call in an “introductory” package, as far as I can tell there is nothing “Introductory” about it. If you watch their instore deals, they often mimic the email deals. I checked last weekend and yep, there it was the package plus the “FREE” 10×13 for $4.99.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t like having your kid’s photos done by a professional photographer…but you aren’t paying for a professional photographer. You’re paying a miniscule amount for priceless photographs of your babies. I’ve never had a “terrible” experience…though I have called and complained about a particular photographer who didn’t want to take the time to get my girls to smile…I got a free “introductory” package. These pictures are always good quality and at a good price.

I’m sure there are similar options at other venues. I know Olan Mills Portrait Studios (Meijer and KMart) runs great deals frequently also. They are currently running a special for their introductory package for $9.99. You can print this coupon here. To sign up for great email offers from Picture Me! Studios click here.

For more great tips check out BeCentsAble‘s Tipster Tuesday.

And for a great deal on Digital Pictures head over to for 400 FREE prints and a 8×8 Photo Book! All you have to do is run don’t walk your fingers over to and register on their website. It’s a really simple process (1 page) and the pay off is wonderful! I mean, who doesn’t love free pictures of their children? We’re using ours to send pictures of the girls to relatives who sometimes miss out on pictures of them. Now, you don’t get all 400 upfront, you get them 100 at a month. For instance, I get 50 4×6 pictures and 50 5×7 pictures from April 29 – May 29, and so on and so forth. The free 8×8 Picture Book isn’t available yet, it becomes available on My 31…but it’s already been credited to my account. But hurry…this offer is only going until they reach the target of 20,000,000 free prints credits granted the offer will be discontinued.

Frugal Friday

So this is my first Frugal Friday…and I am really looking forward to checking out some of the others.My first Frugal Friday suggestion deals with saving money when you dine out. In my family we rarely dine out, because for one we have a 4 year and a 13 month old…but also because it’s just not in our budget; I can think of better things to do with that money. But as my birthday is Monday and Hubby has been talking about to taking me out to dinner since I don’t want him to buy me a gift. Now let me first say that although we don’t dine out regularly, there is nothing I like better than eating at a restaurant and trying new foods in a fun environment. So this is one of the best gifts he could give me (he is also giving me tomorrow to spend as a girls day out with some friends).

Being the frugal person that I am and always looking to save a buck we will be visiting to buy discounted gift certificates to some local restaurants. This is a great way to try some of the local flavor and enjoy the atmosphere of some great local restaurants. It has been my experience that locally owned and operated restaurants normally serve the freshest and best tasting food along with having the best service. You can get $25 gift certificates for just $10 or sign up for the Restaurant of the Month club and save even more! This is a great opportunity to enjoy something I love and spend frugally. By eating at a local restaurant, I get delicious food with great service and an affordable price…not to mention some much needed, well deserved alone time with Hubby. What more can a person ask for?

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Have a great Friday and a God-centered weekend!

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