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Recently I was reading my P31 Woman magazine (for which I pay $12 a year) and was particularly interested in an article by Shari Braedel about how we, as Christian women, should be dressing to represent the Lord, that its OK to “look good, feel good, and spend time on ourselves.” This is something I’ve been struggling with for sometime now. I’m preparing to turn 26 in three days and I’m having a bit of an identity crisis. I’m the mother of two amazing, strong willed, little girls and I am the wife of a fantastic Christian man…but I have no idea who I am right now. Now don’t get me wrong, I KNOW that I am a chosen woman of God and I KNOW that Jesus is my Savior, but outside of that…I don’t know. I am so tired of wearing T-shirts and blue jeans everyday…but I am not familiar with how to dress any other way. I’m not comfortable in anything else, though I would like to be. I hate low cut shirts and short skirts/shorts and I have been struggling with how to dress age appropriately. It was nice to have some one affirm to me that it is OK for me to dress nicely, not that I need to spend a lot of money to do so…I usually only buy clothes for myself on my birthday and Christmas, when I get gift certificates and even then I use coupons…but that it’s good for me to look nice and look like I’m happy. I’m representing Christ and Christians everywhere. I don’t want people to look at me and see a person who doesn’t care what she looks like, or someone who is unhappy. I want people to look at me and see the love of Christ in me. This article came at just the right time for me…with my birthday coming up, God’s gentle voice helped to guide me to a place where I can be content. If you would like to learn more about this magazine click here. To view the Proverbs31 website click here. Amanda

Well, today we have so much more on our plate than I would like. We have to finish getting ready for our trip which includes baking cookies and bread, making trail mix, and finishing the packing. While I know that doesn’t seem like a lot left to do it would appear that I have come down with the same illness my daughters have. Sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, and achy body…all I do now is hope that it isn’t the flu and that I’m better by tomorrow at 4 am. I felt so bad yesterday all I did was lurk here on the net ready dozens of WFMW posts. All of them are great ideas by the way. This wouldn’t be so bad if Kat weren’t sick also. Kat’s nose is like a never ending river of snot; it’s raw on both the inside and out. She screams with you even come near her with a Kleenex! I know that the over the counter medications weren’t good for baby’s and all, but I need SOMETHING to help her out. The nasal drops that doctors swear by? Not working. I can drop some in, keep her down for two minutes, suck her out and I don’t get anymore that I would have without torturing her with dropping liquid up her nose.

Needless to say I am not looking forward to this upcoming 10 hour car ride with a sick 12 month old and sick mommy. KG is starting to feel better. She has an allergy nasal spray she starts to use every time the seasons change and it is finally starting to work! She still sounds terribly congested, but she is back to acting like her old self today! I feel awful about not spending more time with her this week, it seems like we’ve been rushed all week long. Today won’t be much better because I’m going to be running around this house like a mad woman trying to get everything finished.

Let me just tell you what a great extended family I have! My grandmother, who often babysits for me while I mystery shop, knew I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so she brought dinner over for me and KG. Not only did she bring over dinner (which btw was my favorite dinner of all time) she took home with her some of our clothes that needed pressing before the trip. I mean I would have done it when we got there to keep from wrinkling them in the suitcases, but it will be so nice to have one less thing to worry about. She and my aunt also went to Walmart yesterday and bought us some more snacks for the road, a new outfit for Kat, Zyrtec for me, and a new coloring book for KG. How thoughtful was that?

I suppose I should run along here and get some work done. If I get a chance today I will try to go on and think up a good Frugal Friday tidbit before we head out for the weekend. If I don’t say it before we go: Have a wonderful weekend! Praise Jesus for what you have! and Please pray for me and my family as we travel to my sister’s wedding this weekend!

One last thing, if any of you have a great idea that might make this trip easier on all of us now that we’re sick I would LOVE to hear about it. Thanks!
~Mom Of Faith

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