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In week three of the Money Talk Monday series, we are discussing visualizing your financial future.  A great way to start down the path to financial independence is to visualize your future. I want to start by creating a mantra for our financial future. It’s important to have a vision for your future and putting it in writing is a great way to affirm it.  So that’s what I want you to do. Think of a mantra for your financial future; make sure you keep it in the present tense and affirmative. Now write it down. I’m going to do it myself, right here for all of you to see.

I am making all the right steps to becoming financially independent.

Did you do it? Now put it somewhere you’ll see daily; even better, put it where it can be seen several times daily. For me this is taped to my computer screen so I’m looking at it everyday.

There are so many different opinions about the actual effects of visualization on your life, but my view is that it can’t hurt. You can’t become financially independent solely by visualizing it, but it is a part of the process. If all you are thinking about is how you are never going to become independent or how you’ll never succeed then all of your energy is going into that instead of making positive choices and changes in your life that will help you succeed.

Positive thinking is not wishful thinking. Positive thinking is a way of life.  Positive thinking requires you rid yourself and life of all negative thinking.  It does not promise that your life is going to be roses and perfect and when life isn’t perfect  it requires even more dedication and practice to continue your new way of thinking and living.  Positive thinking is only one part of what it takes to make a better life for yourself.

Dreams give you something to strive for, something to work for and without them we live a sad, fruitless existence. I chose the word existence because that’s what it is without dreams and hopes, not a life. Life is what you give everything into making better and what you work hard for. Instead of constantly worrying about money and financial problems, make a conscious effort to focus your thinking on wealth and the steps to creating that wealth.  I’m not suggesting you stop thinking about paying your bills, but focus your attention on creating wealth.

This week you have a little homework. Focus your thoughts on creating wealth and keep them affirmative.  If you didn’t already write down your mantra, do it now and please share it with us.

What is your mantra? What steps are you making to positively affect your future?

For more information on becoming financially independent, check out Dr. Lois Frankel’s Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich.

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I’ve been down sick for the last week and haven’t had the energy to do much. I’m postponing this week’s Money Talk Monday. I apologize for the inconvenience! I’ll be back next week with more insight on why women have such a difficult time becoming wealthy.

Thanks for understanding.

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Last week we started talking about how we, as women, have such a hard time realizing our financial dreams and that most of it stems from our conditioning as children.  Let’s start today by discussing a few of the myths we have been led to believe since childhood.

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I would like to take the opportunity on Monday mornings to discuss something that has been bothering me for sometime.  Why is that we, intelligent, motivated women have such a hard time realizing our financial dreams?  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think happiness relies solely on having money, but I do think it can make it easier. Now, I’m sure this will stir up quite a bit of discussion and I welcome that, if fact, I encourage it!

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