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First let me just say “Welcome” to all of my first time visitors! I am so glad you found me, whether it was through 24/7MOMS or just blind luck.  I am looking forward to sharing  what I learn and learning from what YOU share.  Please take a moment, grab a cup of tea, and look around…make yourself comfortable. And let me know if there’s anything I can get ya.

I was recently asked to try the MomAgenda and write an honest review. Let me say first that I would not have agreed if I had felt pressured to write a strictly positive review or to give a biased opinion.  With that said…I cannot now imagine my life without my MomAgenda! I mean it!  It is just wonderful.  And SO helpful.

We are going on vacation tomorrow and I have been so lucky to have been able to plan most of our trip using the vacation planning section of my MomAgenda. With the color coded pages, it was easy to find and use for jotting down dates, places for lodging, budgeting, rental car information (we don’t have one), and more.  There is ample space for putting down thoughts on what to pack, what groceries to buy, where to eat, and our itinerary.  The MomAgenda has just been an invaluable resource; I have been able to keep all of my confirmation numbers and other important information in ONE place rather than strewn all over my house and in the wrong place when I need it.

While I “only” have two small daughters to keep my busy, some days it feels more like four or five.  We are very active in our community, church, with our family that some times it can be easy to get lost…mentally.  Recently, I had been using four different wall calendars to keep up with all our different activities AND the menu planning.  Yes, it was silly looking and yes, it does take up Alot of room.  Not anymore my friends!  I now have all of my needed information: schedules, menus, grocery lists, addresses and birthdays…and so much more safely and totally encased in my cute MomAgenda.  Oh, and by cute I mean stylish.  I love that it’s pink!  It comes in a ton of different styles, colors, and sizes to fit everyone’s tastes.  I plan to make this a Christmas present to myself and my crazy busy mom friends.

Check out MomAgenda right now and get yours!  Come back and let me know which one you fell in love with!  While your at it cruise by 24/7MOMS for some great reading and advice.

I recieved my MomAgenda in the mail today!  It is SO cute and looks like it will be a breeze to use!  I am looking forward to using and reviewing this agenda!  I NEEDED one of these so badly!  KG starts Kindergarten in a month and with that will come a TON of new obligations and things to keep up with, so this came at just the right time!  Stay tuned for my reivew coming up at the end of July.

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