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a-little-faithMy Precious Girls have discovered a new love: The Precious Girls Club, created by the brains behind Precious Moments. The Precious Girls Club is focused on helping our girls discover how wonderful it is to be precious. For me, keeping my girls innocent and “precious” for as long as possible is a top priority. I have found that already in kindergarten KG is being faced with many adult situations; boyfriends and cussing just to name two. I am thrilled to find that at least one company is doing all they can to help me, as a parent, keep my daughters free of these adult situations and innocent for as long as possible.

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When the Slimpression’s people contacted me about reviewing their slimming shirts I thought to myself…I don’t need to be slimmed.  But come one, let’s face it…we all need a little slimming. I decided to do a little research into who Slimpressions really are. What they stand for and what exactly the product was.  Slimpressions is a Marietta, GA based section of Branches Unlimited, LLC owned and operated by sisters-in-law with a combined 35 years of business experience. Slimpressions is a patent-pending line of shaping tops designed to slim a woman’s arms, back, and midsection. The Slimpressions line comes in four different colors: white, chocolate, black, and nude.

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outlast_lipstain_lipstick_1About a month ago BzzAgent contacted me with the opportunity to try out Cover Girl’s newest product, LipStain and tell others about it.

For those of you who don’t know what BzzAgent is or what they’re about I’ll give you a quick run down. BuzzAgent sends users free samples of new products, who then go out into their communities and talk up the products in hopes of generating positive “word of mouth.”  It’s really great and this is second “campaign” I’ve participated in.  They have some great products and over 50 companies who do their marketing with them. If you are interested in signing up and participating also, hop over to their website and sign up!

Cover Girl’s latest beauty venture is into the world of lipstains.  Usually reserved for department stores lipstains are lighter, -, and stay put longer than traditional lipsticks. Now, let me say that I’m going to be completely honest about my thoughts on this new lipstain. I’m usually skeptical when I hear “stays put for hours”, but as I love new makeup I was willing to give it a shot. Read the rest of this entry »

cellfireThe first time I heard of Cellfire was “blogsurfing” and I was intrigued.  If this blogger was right here was yet another way for me to save time AND money.  Cellfire works a lot like P&G E-savers, Shortcuts, and most other loadable E-coupon sites I have seen.  You log on to their website , enter in your id (in this case your cell number) and password, and choose from the available coupons.  What makes this service different to me is the availability of other “deals”. For instance, in my area (between Lou.KY and Cincinnati) I could choose to load one free child’s admission to the Cincinnati Zoo, 15% off any purchase/$5 off 29.99 purchase at on to my phone.  These deals have expiration dates just like coupons do so you need to use them before they expire.  You can load 50 offers to your phone number, this includes any coupons.  To load coupons to your Kroger card, you simply input the card number in the appropriate location after you sign up.  All you need to register is your cell phone number, birth year, zip code, sex, and email address.  One thing to be sure of, if you live in a small town without a Kroger, it would be easier when registering to use the zip code of the town with the Kroger because otherwise it may not show you the available coupons.  After you register, you go immediately to “Hot Deals” and start picking out the E-coupons you want to load to your card.  After picking your first coupon it will prompt you to input your Kroger card number and that’s it!  After that you’re all set.  You can choose to have them text or email you when new offers become available. You can browse the deals in your area using your phone or your PC. You can also choose to get Cellfire on your phone when you register, but Alltel and Cellular South charge a 1.99 to use the Cellfire service.  Data fees may be charged to your carrier, so if you don’t have an unlimited plan I wouldn’t use this often.  In order to use the other “deals”, you simply load them to your phone and when you’re ready to cash them in you show your phone to the cashier.   These work exactly like Shortcuts when in the store, they come immediately off your order…no problem.   Right now Cellfire grocery E-coupons are only available at Kroger affiliated stores.  The cashiers treat these E-coupons the same way they do all the others; if you load them online it’s less work for them.

To find out if your phone is compatible with the Cellfire Express (their mobile service) click here.

In the future I will be posting my reviews of books, movies, makeup, and other goodies right here…so please come back and check out what I’ve been trying so you don’t have to.

PS.  Right now I’m trying out CoverGirl’s Outlast Lipstain for BzzAgent (which I’ll talk more about in weeks to come), come back in a week and see what I thought.  I’ll be giving away a ton of Cover Girl coupons then too!




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