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Yesterday was the first day back to school after the looooonnnggg holiday break. It was great.  I got some quiet time during naptime and got lots of work done.  KG didn’t have any trouble getting up for school or listening while there.  KJ missed KG like crazy though, she kept going through the house calling for her “sista”…I kept trying to explain to her that yes, KG was in fact at school.  But suspicious child that she is, she just didn’t believe me.  I’m so impressed with KG’s improvements in reading, she’s reading very well and retains most of the “rules”.  So, now it’s time to get back to the real world of earlier mornings, back packs,  homework, & lunchboxes…It’s days like yesterday that makes me wish KG was home schooled.  The house is quiet without her.  She brightens everything and brings a smile into a house. I know her teachers do a fabulous job with her and she LOVES school…all that human interaction.  She loves being around people and learning, she loves her teachers, and the lunchlady.  Though it is hard for her to leave me most mornings, which is why I don’t take her most days.  It’s hard for me to watch her walk down the hall away from and know she’s one step closer to growing up.

I got lots of online work done yesterday, but my house is a disaster. I’m sure poor hubs is wondering when he will ever see the top of the counter again, but I just can’t be bothered to clean…=) I kid of course.  I am going to take most of the day off today and clean the house, because tomorrow will be SO busy I just won’t have enough time to do it.  How do you all you mommy bloggers find time to do it all?  Keep your houses clean, children clean and fed, and your fabulous blogs running?  You guys are my heroes.  I’m exhausted today and am sure if I don’t take a nap soon I’ll fall face first on this keyboard and be out of it.

KJ’s going through this “phase” we’ll call the velcro phase.  I’m not sure why we call it a phase, because it’s been going on for as long as I can I remember.  When exactly will she grow out of it?  WHEN?  I need my space back! Now, I know I’ll miss it when it’s gone…but that time seems like it will never come. I don’t want her to just decide she doesn’t want anything to do with me.  No, I just want her to figure out she can, in fact, survive with out me for just a second. KJ did do a good job going to the potty yesterday BEFORE KG got home, but after we picked her up from school KJ decided she just couldn’t be bothered by pottys and big girl panties.  KJ’s vocabulary just keeps expanding and she becomes more like her sister, and therefore me, every day.  She’s so funny…and rough.  She could beat the pants off a jackal.  Poor KG stands no chance against her, my poor sensitive child.  It’s a good thing they have such a strong love for one another.

God has recently been speaking to my heart about missions. I have always felt a strong draw to missions, but recently God has been pushing me to take a more active role in my community. The first step God pressed on my heart was to start our Adult Missions Group back up in church. We had a interested parties meeting yesterday right after church…I had about 8 people interested! I thought that was GREAT! I have asked that they go home and spend the next week or so praying about their role in the group and what God is telling them this group should be focusing on. My top priority is glorifying God in all we do and I want us to work together as a single unit.

I’ll be honest, I’m scared to death. When I asked the last leader of the group for any suggestions all she said was “Its hard.” So thats a little nerve shaking. I want to make my God smile…I want to make His name glorified! I want to expand His kingdom beyond all human imagination! Glory to the God on Highest! There are a lot of wonderful Christ-filled people interesting in being a part of the group.

Please be in prayer with me as I pray for direction. I know God has called me to this and I only have to trust Him and He will lead us. Any positive ideas for how our group can impact our community would be great! I was thinking about visiting the elderly in the nursing homes and volunteering at homeless shelters…My God is driving and pulling me to impact our community positively! Our time is short! We should feel a pull for not only our personal lost but those we don’t know…because God tells us we are ALL His children. Join with me in impacting our community! everyday.

Father God,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve Your people and Your name! Father, truly You are the Most High God! I praise Your might and grace! Lord, please be with me in the time to come as I strive to bring new glory to Your name! Direct me O’ God in the paths you want this group to take! Show me the path to follow…Be clear with me God! I am an ignorant and sinful creature. Forgive my shortcomings and us me for Your Will! Thank You again Father for this wonderful opportunity!

In Jesus’ Name,


“Discipline your children while there is still hope. Otherwise you will ruin their lives.”

Proverbs 19:18


The Hunger Site

October 14-20th is World Hunger week! Please do your part to help end world hunger!

My four year old daughter and I pray about hunger daily, she feels this is more important than anything else for her to pray about. If a four year old can find hunger important enough to talk to God about shouldn’t we? Hunger claims the lives of 25,000 people each day and 18,000 hungry children die each day. How many more have to forfeit their lives before we as a community come together to say enough is enough?! As (a mostly overweight) nation, we, each, consume somewhere around 1500 pounds of food a year! While most of us wasted nearly $100 billion of edible food last year, 854 million people do not have enough to eat–thats more than the populations of USA, Canada and the European Union. One in seven people on the planet suffer from hunger and more than 60 percent of chronically hungry people are women, which should strike most of us women as deeply disturbing…60% of 854 million people, thats 512 million women.

As a mother, I find this statistic the most heartbreaking: every five seconds a child dies because she or he is hungry. In the time it has take you to read just this far, nine children have died due to hunger. 9.7 million children under five died in developing countries in 2006. Malnutrition and hunger-related diseases caused 60 percent of the deaths.

When do we say ENOUGH! If we all helped out just a little, we could easily end world hunger. It takes standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves and it might even mean a little sacrifice from us, but isn’t it worth it. Help stop the hunger and death!
Visit these sights for more details on how YOU can help:

We are all God’s people! and we must do our part to save those who cannot save themselves!

–All statistics can be found at:

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